Weekly Weight: 206.4 lbs

May 29th, 2020

I’m not going to get bent out of shape by 0.2 lbs. The gain is annoying, but clearly not insurmountable. Truthfully the small gain isn’t as annoying as the fact that my 40 lbs weight loss mark seems to be cursed. I approached it before Christmas and then got taken down by the holiday gatherings. I fought my way back and actually passed the 40 lbs mark when the world went crazy again. I have no doubt I will move past it, I am just slightly annoyed at being just under the mark for so long. I think it is so annoying because the mark is so close to an even bigger mark.

That one would be getting my weight under 200 lbs.

I know weight is just a number when it boils down to it and it is my health that matters but I am giddy at the thought of seeing my weight begin with a one instead of a two. I have started to fantasize about 198.

I know I’ll get there (and beyond). I just needed a moment of whingeing. Its out of my system now.

Happy Friday everyone . This felt like a long one. I’m not entirely certain why when the entire month seems to have evaporated on me. This morning I looked at the calendar to put the date under the above photograph and was surprised it was the 29th.

All the days seem to blur.

Admittedly it does mean I get to contemplate a pleasant conundrum.

My birthday is at the end of June (June 27th if you want to be precise) and for the past few years I have treated myself to two indulgences. The first is a jar of the Fresh Rose face mask. Then I can indulge all summer long. However this year I still have a mostly full jar of Feel’s Rose mask which isn’t all that different. I’ve been using it a while so even if I finish the jar before my birthday, I’m afraid it won’t feel as special. So I must contemplate a replacement product.

I know the horrors of contemplating an extravagance. How will I live with myself?

I think the only issue is that because it’s been a standard for me for the past few years, I hadn’t actually come up with a list of alternatives. But it seems like a fun project for the weekend. I’ll take any suggestions should anyone feel like offering them. (seriously any suggestions)

Especially because of the second birthday treat. That one tends to be a trip to a day spa.

Yeah, I’m not sure if the one I tend to use is open (or is ever planning to reopen to be frank). Even if they are, I’m not so sure I will feel comfortable going. I’m all for supporting local businesses and all, but stressing about a spa visit seems like a waste all around.

So I might just roll this into my own personal spa day at home. It will lack the massage but I can personalize everything. And I’m sure with flowers and candles and a pitcher of cucumber water my sunroom can be made to look quite spa like.I just need to think about the elements I need to order so everything is ready for the end of the month. Again a fun thing to contemplate. And if anyone feels like making suggestions of their personal at home spa adventures, let me know. The last time I tried this the dog thought the pitcher of cucumber water was for his use, so my only thought at the moment is a higher table. (even though that particular dog has sadly passed away and will therefore not slurp and crunch his way through my fancy water.)

Much more pleasant to think about than the 40 lbs curse.

Which isn’t a curse.

And I will beat.

To the stats!

Starting Weight: 246 lbs

Last week’s weight: 206.2 lbs

This week’s weight: 206.4 lbs

Change this week: +0.2 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 39.6 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 83.4 lbs

Since my birthday is on a Saturday, then the Friday before (on the 26th) I will be posting measurements and such. I like to think about my birthday as the start of my own personal new year so I tend to mark things down then and make resolutions. All the sorts of things normally done at new years. Plus if the year is going badly, then it gives me a chance to mentally leave the last six months behind and start the new year over.

Personally leaving the past few months behind sounds like a pretty good idea.

But I have waffled on long enough.Complaints over and soon the work day will begin. Then when it is over I can contemplate the wide world of at home self care items I want to try and attempt to narrow it down to something actually feasible. Happy Friday everyone.

Speaking of self care, you can get 25% Off with code RX25 at Skincare RX. I don’t make any money with the code (but if you click on the below link and purchase something I make a small commission)

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