Its Biorace for Face Mask Friday

Biorace Pearl Clay Mask

I love clay masks.  I always have. Clay based masks are always the masks I will return to and the first ones I pick up if allowed to have my way. I picked up this Pore Tightening Pearl Clay Mask from Biorace a while ago, but never got around to using it.  I think because of the gray tone of its packaging it was pushed to the back and sort of forgotten. The packaging is, to be fair, plain, but very straight forward. Looking at it, you know it is a pore tightening pearl clay mask. It feels the need for no other adjectives or clever names.

I admire its audacity.

But does it work?

wet mask

I have high hopes.  I remember trying a biorace sheet mask a while back that I thought was pretty good. And I like to think if your sheet mask is good, then your jarred mask will be better. 

I don’t know why.  I know companies put just as much effort into them, but I always suspect the jarred masks of being higher quality.  I seriously believe it is because they are both one time use items and because they are usually brightly colored.  Bright colors make me thing ‘oh this will be fun’ not ‘I bet this will work.’ I’m sure that is something I’ll need to speak to a therapist about at some point, but that point is not now.  Now I am speaking to you about a clay mask.

So what are its claims?

This clay mask reduces the appearance of pores and draws out impurities and purifies skin complexion. The mask is infused with pearl extract to brighten and even out skin complexion.  We’d like to introduce you to a smart and advanced skincare line to care for your skin at home for a spa-like experience. Unlike other products on the market, our products are formulated with the exact amount of each active ingredients to maximize the effect on your skin. Biorace products are safe to use on sensitive and acne-prone skin. Our products are cruelty-free and vegan.

dry mask

As with most masks, this one required application and being left to do its thing for 15 minutes. I have to say I am really loving my silicon mask brush.  It makes it so quick and clean to apply masks.  And there is less waste.  I am very happy with my $0.93 purchase. Which I used to apply the mask.  And then I lit my candles and lay back to let it work.

This week’ I didn’t fall asleep.

The clay was cool against my skin and as it dried I felt it tightening. All of which is pretty typical.  There was no tingling of any sort. There is a slight grittiness to it so it is a little textured rather than smooth. After 15 minutes I found it hard to blow out the candle as the mask tightened so I snuffed it with the jar lid (Thanks Vella Box for sending all of your candles in reusable lidded jars!) and I returned to the bathroom. 

The mask changed color while it dried and I anticipated needing a jack hammer to remove it.  I did not. I did need to use a light brush on the surface to get the water to absorb, but it didn’t take too long overall and it was only a light tracing with the brush to let the water in not a full on scrubbing. I think the somewhat rough texture did a little exfoliation, but not a major amount. It rinsed off clean and I have to say my skin felt smooth, my pores looked a smidge tighter, but where it really shined was on my stress related blemishes.  Let’s face it, this was a rough week all around the USA (and the rest of the world too, no one really got of stress free).

And my face showed it.

After the mask, it showed it less.  The red was less angry, a couple of eruptions were dried out.  Over all, this was a big win for me.  My tube of this mask was only a trial size and I think I’ll probably get about two more uses out of it.  The full size retails for $25 and I think may have to go one my list of blemish fighters to repurchase.  The first six months of 2020 have been quite something and my skin has routinely shown the impact of the stress. While one hopes protests and inequality will start to be addressed more fully, it isn’t going away overnight.  Nor is the pandemic or for that matter murder hornets.

clean skin

Sadly, I doubt the monstrosity of a windmill my neighbor is attempting to build in his back yard will be going anywhere either. 

Over all that one isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things and it is very quiet.

My only issue is that I can’t tell if he is trying to generate electricity or mill grain.  Thoughts around the neighborhood are mixed.  When I walk I tend to talk to the other people walking around. “do you know anything about…is the latest conversational starter and it is usually followed by a twirling of the fingers or hand symbolizing windmill (although the gesture is probably  not recognized as officially part of the American Sign Language lexicon). 

Oddly enough I don’t think the man building it knows whether it is for power or grain and I think some of my neighbors suspect he’s going to burn something down, or accidentally blow up the power grid. I would be a little less worried if I thought that he knew what he was building. I suspect once authorities have a little more time on their hands someone will be buy to investigate.

All things combine to make this an interesting summer no one will soon forget and my skin might not forgive me for.  So I’m stockpiling complexion assisting products. I suspect they will be needed. I also suspect my fifteen minutes of destressing mask time each Friday will be a very important part of my summer.

But now I have had my destressing and I am ready to tackle my remaining work load for Friday afternoon.  Since I spent more time away from the computer this week than I planned, it is heavier than I like.  But necessary. So I’m going to plow my way through it and then enjoy my weekend.  I hope you have a good weekend planned wherever you are and whatever you are doing. I’ll see you back on Monday. Stay safe out there my darlings.

Oh and if you need a nice de-stressing bathtime, Molton Brown has a flash sale starting the 8th and running the full week there other sales have already started, the sale notices are posted below. I’m personally partial to their Rhubarb Shower gel, but they have many fantastic products to choose from.

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