bareminerals Claymates Be Pure for the Friday Facemask

bareMinerals Claymates Mask Duo

So, today I did paperwork.  I got sweaty outside.  I took a shower to get clean,and then did a bunch of editing.  Now it is time for the Friday Face Mask.  Bring on the clowns,  er …clay. Yeah clay.

Today felt like a clay mask kind of day.  If you’ve been following along with my Friday face masks you have probably seen this jar before.  I think it might have been featured in one of my first Face Mask Friday’s to be honest.  It is the Bare Minerals Claymates Duo Be Pure Be Dewy.  It is a mask with two sides.  I reviewed the Dewy side and I have used both since, but I don’t think I’ve posted about the Be Pure side. 

Today I felt like using it.  On a hot sticky day, relaxing with a cold mask of clay is amazingly refreshing.  Sometimes in the summer time I get head headaches.  When I do pounding back water and using a clay mask helps take the headache away.  Its like the ultimate cold compress.  Not that that is in anyway a part of any mask’s description.  But what is in the Claymates description?

Mask on

Customize your face mask routine with two complimentary formulas that work to target specific skin concerns — just apply each mask for the benefit you want to see, right where it’s needed most. These mineral-rich clay masks also contain fruit extracts to help purify and refine the skin.

Deeply cleanse, purify, and refine the look of pores with Be Pure, a white clay mask infused with white grapefruit and white pear extracts, which help dissolve dirt and impurities. Try the gently warming mask on areas that need a deeper cleaning, such as the T-zone and chin. Skin is left feeling and looking purified and clearer.

I have to say, I didn’t feel any warming.  I just felt the cool of clay. It was nice.  I lay down with my candles flickering and my mask on and for fifteen minutes I didn’t think about anything.  The world was a nice quiet well ordered place. Then of course the fifteen minutes were over and reality resumed.  It was a nice break though and at the end, my skin was fantastic.  We’ve entered the season where to keep my skin balanced I’ll need to alternate between hydrating masks and purifying ones so that everything stays balanced. It’s usually not that bad, but with the extra workouts and the sun, it will be an interesting path to walk this summer. 

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During my fifteen minutes the Be Pure mask dried down but it wasn’t rock hard and was relatively easy to remove.  What I ended up doing is wetting a wash cloth and gently pressing the wet wash cloth into the dried mask.  The mask absorbed the water but the washcloth didn’t get saturated with mask.  The trick is to press gently and not to rub at all.  If you rub, the mask just gets caught in the wash cloth fibers and becomes a mess. Once damped down it was an easy mask to remove and well worth it.  My skin felt infinitely clearer than it did prior to the mask.

Mask off

I really liked this clay mask on the Be Pure side.  To be honest I like it better than the Be Dewy side.  I’ll still use the Be Dewy side, and I understand its use in multi-masking, I just get more of a benefit from the Be Pure side.  I don’t know if the masks are sold separately, but if they are I would purchase the Be Pure on its own.  I’m not entirely sure I would purchase the Be Dewy side. I think it is definitely worth poking around on the Bareminerals site to see if it is available. 

And with that, my Friday Face mask is complete and I can go back to editing.  One of my background characters decided that they wanted a larger role in the story and somehow became integral to the plot when I wasn’t looking, so I’m having to revisit earlier chapters to make sure his involvement makes sense. But at least the story is moving along. The writing I like, the editing may eventually kill me.

Hopefully I can get it all sorted before the end of the day. If so there is a lovely glass of red wine awaiting me. It’s left over from the slow braised short ribs currently in the oven. It is one of my baby’s favorites and he wanted some Friday comfort food this week so I made it for him. It’s one of those dishes that doesn’t take a lot of effort, but does take a lot of time.  At this point it still has a few hours to go and the scent has perfumed the entire house. The aroma mocked my lunch salad.

We really only eat meat once a week, so when we do, I like to make it count.  And there was enough wine left over for a glass or for each of us to have with the meal.  Mostly because the meat took about a bottle and half to make because there was only one really large packet of short ribs in the store when we went. I think it might have been originally packaged for a restaurant rather than home use, but then got diverted to the grocery.  We will definitely have leftovers but luckily this tends to freeze really well.

So on to the edits and then later to the wine and dinner. Then I will spend the weekend investigating a new yoga mat and additional at home gym equipment.  I don’t know what you have planned this weekend but I hope you have a fabulous Friday and an excellent weekend.


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