Its time for Face mask Friday with Grace and Stella

Okay you see the mask, you know why I had to put this on regardless of whatever other face mask I planned to use. I mean look at it. It just says wear me. Either that or I’, an ancient Mayan carving. I can’t really decide.

But I knew I had to try it on.

Okay first, the basics. This Anti Wrinkle and Energizing face mask comes from Grace and Stella. I’ve used their pore clearing mask before and really liked it, so I was definately down to try something else from the brand.

Plus, who doesn’t want to temporarily look like an ancient Mayan god, or temple carving. Not sure which it most resembles.

So on to the mask. It came in this month’s Boxycharm premium, (subscription review posting on Monday) and it was in a plain white box with five of its friends. Which means this will not be the last time this mask is seen. The box is a bit large because each mask comes in it’s own separate envelope like this and has a little plastic tray inside. I can sort of see the need but when I opened it and tried to slide the tray out the mask stayed inside while the empty tray slid out so I had to fish out the mask anyway. No matter, I then had my mask.

The mask is thick. Really thick. I don’t know if the picture does it justice, but look at a close up of my nose in the pic with me wearing the mask. It is THICK.

Also I apologize for the picture of me wearing the mask. I saw myself in the mirror and couldn’t stop laughing. It just cracked me up.

I will say I did not do any of my candle lighting this time. Because the mask is so thick, I kept feeling like it wanted to slide down. So I found it best to just lay down so it would stay in place. Once I was horizontal, the mask was fine. I actually really enjoyed it on my face. As long as I didn’t look at it, I didn’t laugh.

So twenty minutes went by and then I returned to the bathroom. Where I looked in the mirror and promptly cracked myself up again. This mask just gave me an attack of the giggles. It also made my skin feel super hydrated. I really liked it actually. Giggles and all. I don’t know maybe I won’t laugh as much next time, but I doubt it. And they say laughter is good for you anyway.

The six pack of masks apparently costs $25 and I have to say, I would definitely be willing to spend that on these masks. They feel like they are worth the price. I also want to find out if they make a bottle of the serum to sell separately. Its a common theme. If the mask is good, I want to try the serum on it’s own. This was good, and I will be checking into it.

So that was my Friday Face Mask, giggles and all. But sans candle this time. Next time I’ll remember to light the candle before applying the mask. That way I’m not worried about it sliding off.

Now it’s back to work for me. Just a little more work to get through before the end of the day and the weekend. It’s going to be a quiet one, but I will be spending it putting the finishing touches on my Birthday at home spa plan for next weekend. Almost all of the elements are in place. Just a few more elements to go and my plan will be complete. And yes, I ended that thought with evil laughter. Now I return to editing. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Friday and have a great weekend.


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