Weekly Weight: 205.4 lbs

June 19, 2020

Technically I should be a little bothered by the 0.4 gain this week, but to be honest, I’m not that worried about it. While I still really, really want my weight to go down, this morning had a mitigating factor. As an early birthday present I received a very nice kimono style robe. I know my birthday isn’t until the 27th, but I’ve been wearing it anyway.

while it is lovely, it has also sort of illuminated the fact that several pairs of my pajama pants are no longer looking all that fabulous. It’s a simple equation really. I tend to wear the pants to lounge around the house. There has been much more house lounging in the past few months, thus my pajama pants have been taking a beating.

So may baby doll had to go out and decided to stop by target and picked up a new pair for me in what he thought was a good size. They fit well (although I still need to order a few more replacements.). However while I washed them and wore them to bed last night, I somehow didn’t check the size until this morning.

Personally I was just grateful they fit. At the moment everything in my wardrobe is either just a little too tight or a little too loose. This may be the only thing that actually fits just right at the moment. It is also a size down from the size I usually wear. I know pajama pants have a wider variance, but I am taking it as a win. They are a size down and I am happy. The scale can not bum me out after that. Next week, it may concern me. But not today.

I am a little concerned about the recent CO2 shortage that has caused my soda stream canisters to be hard to replace. Seriously, check out this chain of events. Apparently commercially produced CO2 used for beverages is somehow tied in with the processes that refine fuel for driving. I’m not entirely certain how, but I will be looking it up later. But with people driving less, those processes aren’t being used as much thus creating a shortage of CO2 which is why all the targets near me are out of Soda Stream canisters and they are on back order from the site.

So I can’t trick myself into drinking more water through bubbles. So I switched to flavor. I stocked up on my favorite Hint water. And by favorite I mean its all the Blackberry flavor. Yup, a palette of hint water in the laundry room. All Blackberry. So to anyone who now feels there is a shortage of Hint Blackberry in my area, there isn’t, I just took it all. Sorry. I’ll try to look into other flavors next time. I just really like the blackberry. Plus I was starting to not drink as much water since I was being miserly with my last CO2 tank because I didn’t want it to run out and needed a jolt back into water drinking.

So now that I have tackled one shortage by creating another localized one, to the stats!

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 205.0 lbs

This week’s weight: 205.4 lbs

Change this week: +0.4 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 40.6 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx.): 82.4 lbs

So there you have it, a slight weight gain but nothing to really be troubled by, a smaller size of pajama pants, a shortage of CO2 and a hoarding of Blackberry flavored water. Along with massive amounts of editing, that was pretty much my week in a nut shell. All in all, not a bad week. Amusing to see in review, but not bad. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day brings. Happy Friday everyone!

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