June 2020 BoxyCharm Luxe Review

The June 2020 BoxyLuxe Box

Four times a year, the regular BoxyCharm box is replaced with a larger one and the price doubles so it is essentially a $50 box (it’s something like $54 with tax).  There are also supposed to be more lifestyle themed items mixed in with the beauty. The last box, was not one of their better ones, so I was hoping for a good box this month.  Truthfully, I think this may be one of the best boxes I’ve received in a while.This month there were eight items in my box. 

The first item was more of a life style item and it was the Hallmart Collectables Satin Pillow and Mask Set (retail $50).  It is essentially a standard sized satin pillow case with a sleeping mask.  Mine came in a nice pink shade. 

Personally, I’m happy about that because the others featured were more animal print and I’m not really an animal print kind of girl.  I chose this because I actually do use a sleep mask every night.  I am a very light sleeper with chronic insomnia and the shifting light from someone driving down the street will wake me up. 

Using the sleeping mask is quite helpful.  My usual sleep mask is a silk one from WhisperSilk actually. Because I use it every night I thought having an extra around would help keep it from getting worn out as fast since I can swap them.  Which I am doing.  The Sleep mask is fine.  Personally I prefer the silk to satin, but it is nice to have a back up.  The pillow case is a little on the small side, but it too is fine.

In case you are interested: whisper silk

The second item in my luxe box this month is more than fine.  It is the Malin + Goetz Recovery treatment oil.  I love Malin +Goetz (retail $82).  Their grapefruit cleansing oil is one I consistently repurchase.

enjoy 10% off your first order + free shipping with code MGWELCOME at MALIN+GOETZ.

I actually tried a sample of this oil a while back and it was amazing, I just hadn’t gotten around to picking up a full sized version to give it a complete trial.  Once my current skin care test is through, I will be rotating this into my line up and personally I can’t wait.

This month there was another m. greengrass product.  I received the CBD Head to Toe cream (retail $56). A while back I received one of their oils in a boxycharm.  I liked the oil but it came with very little instruction on recommended usage.  I fumbled about and tried several different things, finally finding a method I liked.  I suspect I will have to play around with this cream as well. 

Part of the description makes it sound like it is a facial moisturizer while the name and the rest of the description just makes it sound like a body moisturizer.  I’ll have to see how I like using it and play around with it to see if it is going to be a face cream or a body one.  I do like that it comes in a nice pump though and look forward to using it in whatever capacity it ends up skewing towards.

The next item in my box made me smile.  It was the Purlisse Beauty Perfect Glow BB Cream with SPF 30 (retail $35).  I like many of Purlisse’s products. Their Blue Lotus Moisturizer is fantastic as is their Matcha Green tea Moisturizer.

A little while ago I picked up a small trial sized tube of this BB Cream to test. In th photo the small one is the sample I picked up and started using this week while the larg is the one that came in this month’s box. I planned to see if I liked it enough to purchase the full size.  The trial size is the one I am using this week as my foundation product trial.  Thus far I like it so I am glad I already have a full size on standby.  I am going to resist opening the full size until I’ve worked through more of my open products, but I like knowing it is around.

lip liner swatches, very creamy

The bodyography lip pencil set (retail $28) included two lip pencils in the shades Pouty and Rosewood.  Both are colors I would use and I am happy to see them.  The only Bodyography product I’ve tried was an eye pencil.  While it was a nice formula it was a teal color that I’m just not going to reach for.  These are colors I will use. 

I’m also trying to remember to use my lip pencils more.  I tend to remember them more in the winter and forget them in the summer.  I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe its because I tend to use more glosses in the summertime.  Who knows, but I do like using them when I remember. So I’m trying to remember.

The Tula Skincare Glow and Get it Cooling and Brightening Eye balm (retail $28) was in my box this month and it was one of the items I chose.  I am almost at the end of my Dr. Brandt eye cream so it was perfect timing for another eye product to appear in my life.   It is a stick formula which interested me.  I have heard people raving about Tula for a while.  I tried a sample of their face wash and while it worked well enough I found the scent a bit cloying. I’m hoping I like this better.  I’ll have to let you know.

Next we come to the Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner foaming Face Wash (retail $24).  To be honest, I don’t really know too much about Kylie Jenner products.  I was never a big fan of the show and while the lip products interested me I never got around to picking them up.

I’m sure eventually I will, but to be honest I am more inclined to pick up new colors from Lime Crime. But this is about face wash.  I am almost done with my Elemis Foaming Face Wash (which I love) so I might transition to this foaming face wash.

Admittedly the Elemis is a hard act to follow. But part of the fun of these subscription boxes is trying new products I might never have picked up for myself.  Sometimes I find new unexpected favorites.  So I will keep an open mind and give it a try.

Finally, we come to the product I was super excited to receive.  It is the Tarte Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay Palette (retail $49). I know Tarte gets dinged for putting out the same colors in different formats and I know this is not a new palette. But I absolutely adore Tarte’s shadow formula. 

I have several of these colors in my favorite Tarte travel palette and I am really looking forward to putting this palette to use.  It was one of those palettes I wanted but never got around to picking up.  Now  I have it. I’m sure it will end up being in next week’s makeup bag. At the moment I am trying hard not to reach for it now. But I will do my best to resist. At the moment it is sitting with my new Too Faced Contour Palette waiting for it’s chance to be used. But my will is strong.

Well strong ish.

I have to say this was a pretty good month as far as the BoxyCharm Luxe Box went.    My $50 box held $352 worth of products.  All of them are products I will use or am looking forward to trying out.  After the last BoxyLuxe month I have to say, I am greatly relieved that the level has once again risen.  This month’s box is one I definitely enjoyed. It is in fact better than BoxyCharm has been for a while. This makes me very happy.

Amazon 2020

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