Cocktail Cinderella for the Friday Face Mask

Welcome everyone once again to the Friday face mask. This afternoon as I was debating what mask to try the mail arrived and with it my Facetory mask subscription.

I brought it inside, decontaminated the package and then myself and chose one of the masks for my face today. In case you don’t know Facetory has several subscription offers. I am on the four masks per month subscription for $8.90 (four-ever Fresh Subscription). I figured that was enough masks to ensure that I have a steady supply but not to bury me in them. However should I decide I have too many, I can easily skip months with a click on my account page.

Four-ever Fresh Subscription!

They do have loads of other skin care for sale and some of their tiers for subscriptions aren’t simply sheet masks but include other items as well. I have never tried any of them. But I like their sheet masks. Its interesting because there are some that I try and I know I will not need to purchase again, but I have found a couple of others that I will seek out.

This is my third month (just arriving) and thus far there are two on my list. I marked them down for mentioning in my end of the month empties post. So I’ll leave you guessing until then.

Oh and for those of you looking at the photo and thinking you said four masks, but I see five, this month they threw in a fifth surprise mask for fun. I don’t know if they do that every other month but I received an extra mask in April and now one in June.

So today’s mask, now that you know where it comes from is supposed to moisturize the face. At least from the one line of English on the packet. It claims to be…

A hydrating essence that moistens and alms the skin that has been exhausted and stimulated and provides a healthy clear skin.

I’m guessing that means it helps with redness as well as moisturizes. Everything else is in Korean and alas, I do not read the language. Although I am thinking of adding it to my routine. At least enough so I can read my skin care products because I really like Korean skincare. Pictured on the package are pineapples oranges and limes. I’m not entirely certain what sort of drink is supposed to be portrayed but when I opened the mask it smelled exactly like the fruit salad served with school lunches when I was in elementary school. The kind that comes in giant cans and has a cherry as the highlight.

It felt very strange to wear the scent on my face.

But wear it I did. And I am glad I did. The Cocktail Cinderella from Puclair is a very nice mask. When I took it off and patted it in, my skin felt nicely hydrated. After the remaining essence sank in, my skin felt very soft. This is one of those masks that makes me wonder if they sell the essence separately, because elementary school vibes aside, my skin really enjoyed this mask. I can live with a little random nostalgia for nice skin.

I’m also very pleased with my mailman’s timing today. I also hope he gets some sleep and maybe a nice refreshing mask tonight because he looked exhausted. I waved from the driveway but even from a distance, his dark circles were obvious. Rest well Mailman Josh and I hope you have a nice weekend. I hope the rest of you have a nice weekend as well. I am off to finish this last little bit I need to get done before my weekend of birthday extravaganza kicks in. happy Friday.

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