Face Mask Friday Returns

Biorace Pore Tightening Pearl Clay Mask

Today I felt the need for a little pore tightening in my face mask so I returned to the Biorace Pore Tightening Pearl Clay mask. It is a mask I’ve reviewed before. The linked post is my first impression of the mask and I have to say, I still like it this time around.

It tingles a little as it dries and it felt quite refreshing as it sat on my skin. Today is a hot one with the humidity hovering near the 90% mark. The sky gets cloudy and thunder booms, but thus far no rain. The air is just saturated enough that you can practically take a bite out of it to quench your thirst.

I’d like to say I took my relaxing fifteen minutes laying down, listening to music and watching the candles flicker, but today I wore the mask while working at my desk.

Today somehow feels like I lost time somewhere and have been racing to catch up. The only thing that really threw me off was the missing scale this morning so there are no events to blame. Perhaps it is that I am nearing the end of my manuscript and getting ready to send it to beta readers that has me feeling like I need to catch up.

Either way, I just couldn’t settle today. But I still did the mask. Luckily no one called and there were no video conferences today. I’ve done masks while sitting at my desk before, but usually this is where the sheet masks shine. This is the first time I have ever done a mud mask at my desk. I have to say, it feels a little strange.

I think the strangeness might just be the fact that it does stuff on my face. Sheet masks are applied and have skin enhancing properties, but all they do is dry out a little and rarely to the point of crispness. The clay mask however dries down and tightens as it does so the entire time I had it on I was very aware that I was sitting at the computer with a mask on. Which is a strange feeling. Not a bad one, just a strange one.

But strange or not, the mask did it’s job and I took a break to wash it off. My skin feels nice, my pores, in my opinion, look a little tighter and I feel a bit more balanced. Somehow, even working with the mask on made me feel a little calmer. I suppose that is part of the routine as well, even without the candles.

Although I have to say, I kinda missed the candles.

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