Weekly Weight: ???

July 10, 2020

I will be the first to admit that I am not what you’d call the brightest person in the world before I’ve had my morning coffee.  My mornings tend to run solely on routine for the first hour or so that I am awake.  It is actually one of the reasons it is so easy to incorporate a morning exercise into my start of the day routine.  Once it is routine, I just keep chugging along.

So when something comes along that is unexpected, it sometimes takes me a moment to process.  I will also add I was especially slow this morning as this week, I did not sleep well. We have one set of neighbors who are not taking the extended togetherness terribly well. I suspect few people on my street had a very restful week without some sort of chemical assistance.

At least it seems to have died down now.

Regardless, this morning when I went into the bathroom to weigh myself, it took me a few minutes to realize the scale wasn’t there. It lives in the small powder room so there aren’t many places for it to hide. I checked them in under five seconds.

It wasn’t there.

My first thought was that we’d been burgled. It soon became apparent that wasn’t the case as nothing else was missing so unless there is a roving band of scale thieves at large in my part of the world I began to suspect theft wasn’t the answer.

Okay first I pictured a roving band of scale thieves and tried to work out the maniacal plot they had involving a large number of scales.

It turns out that my baby doll needed the scale for work for some reason. His office is going back on a staggered schedule. Luckily he works in a building with only two people who have to spend any time in it so they alternate days. I don’t think that the scale plays any role in the alternation of days. I have been promised it’s safe return before next Friday though so I will just live with that.

So for the morning I offer a picture of my floor, showing off my pink and sparkly toes and then go about my day. I have to say my morning feels slightly off balance. I’m hoping more coffee will restore my equilibrium. So no weight today, despite the buckets of sweat over the week. I’m just going to claim that today I am esentially weightless and leave it at that.

Now for coffee, soon, the Make up Bag Post, then later the Friday Face Mask. In between, much writing and defiance of fairytale norms.

But for now, coffee.

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