July 2020 Boxycharm Premium Unboxing

July 2020 BoxyCharm Premium

Morning my darlings, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I know we are just beginning August, but my July boxes came in late this month so there is one more to cover and that is the BoxyCharm Premium bag. I have to say, it didn’t entirely feel premium this month. But lets get into the items inside and well talk about them as we go.

First up is an Neon Orange Jelly pouch with pompoms (retail $20). Now I will say that with IPSY I get a makeup bag every month. So I’m not opposed to seeing a bag in a subscription box, but unless it is a really good bag, I tend to think of it as an add on, a bonus rather than an item. This month, the pouch counted as an item in my premium box.

I can’t say I am too happy about that, especially as the pompoms are small, cheap looking, and already beginning to fray. It’s an okay bag. Not my favorite as I generally find the ‘jelly’ plastic tends to split along the stitching after a few months of use. Had it been an extra item, I would have been okay with it, but it wasn’t.

Next up, I pulled out the Morphe and Manny MUA Glam Palette (retail $20). Okay first up, I really like Manny MUA. I find him fun and entertaining to watch. I’m not a big fan of Morphe. Politics aside, while their brushes are pretty nice, I don’t find their products to be that great in general.

I am just not a fan of their shadows. Plus, this was one of those palettes that was released and flopped big time, so seeing this in a subscription box sort of feels like someone hit a remainders sale. Morphe isn’t a brand I would expect to see in a premium box either.

Okay, don’t worry it isn’t all bleak.

The next product is definitely a premium product. It is the Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion (retail $40). Is it good lotion? Yes. Do I think it is over priced? Yes. Am I thrilled to get body lotion? Not really. However, I have had it before in a smaller sample and it is a good lotion. I like the pump and I will use it. I think for the price there should be a bit more product, but I like the product and will use it.

The next product I have very mixed feelings about. It is the Perricone MD No Makeup lipstick (retail $30). First of all it isn’t a lipstick, it is a tinted lip balm. Which I’m fine with, especially in the summer. But seriously, it’s not a lipstick. It is however one of the few lip balms that I will definitely say is well worth the $30 price.

Perricone, MD lip swatch

I really like the brand Perricone, MD. I generally find their products to be good and work well with my skin. I’ve tried quite a few of their products over the years and I can’t think of a single one that I would not repurchase again.

However, my box looked a bit crunched. And not in a got banged up in the box during transport way, but in the clearance shelf of TJMaxx sort of way. But that is only the box.

The product was fine. My concern with it though is that the expiration date on the bottom of the product says that it is going to expire in December of this year. Which means it is not a new product and I have only 5 months to use it before it expires.

Expiration date

I’ve had Perricone lip products before and that is the one issue with them. They are great and hydrating, far more skin care than makeup, but when they expire, they expire. They are prone to mold and funky smells the closer you get to the expiration date. These are not products you buy back ups to stockpile, they are buy and use now sorts of things. Well worth using, but they are serious about the expiration date. So I’m going to make a concentrated effort to use it before then, but despite being an excellent brand, these issues don’t lend themselves to the premium feeling the box is going for.

Moving on we come to the Kenia Ontiveros Beauty Set and Define Kit (retail $42). Personally I like face kits like this and thought it would be interesting to try. It was in fact my selection item for this month. Admittedly, it wasn’t a good selection month. It was this palette or two other palettes from this brand or a Brows by Reema face kit, if I recall. This is the one I went for as it seemed like it had more products I would use.

I am looking forward to trying it out. I had not heard of the brand though, so I went and looked them up. I don’t mind new brands, I like learning about products I may not have picked up on my own, I consider that part of the fun of subscription boxes.

They did have this kit on their website though and it was offered for $42. It also had a mirror inside it, which this one doesn’t. Personally, I don’t really care about the mirror. I’m sure it made the package lighter and easier to produce in the quantities Boxy Charm required at a cost that was not prohibitive. But that’s also sort of bugging me as well. Since there is a clear difference between the ones offered for sale and the ones sent in BoxyCharm, should the retail price be listed as the same?

I don’t know. Personally I go back and forth in my mind about that. While I don’t think that the mirror contributes to the products, it does contribute to the packaging and packaging does help in many cases to determine price. When I look at the palette, given its size, and packaging, I have to say it feels more like it should be in the $20 range. It doesn’t feel like a $42 palette. So again I’m on the fence about this one. I put it in this week’s makeup bag so I will be using it and testing it out this week. Maybe it will astound me with it’s quality and I will be able to say the price is justified, maybe not. We shall see.

Finally, we come to the last product in the box. And I have to say I was very happy to see this product. No there isn’t a however, I was just happy. (see I told you it wasn’t all bleak) It was the Laura Geller Line N define Dual dimension eyeliner.(retail $24).

I have been wanting to try this one out for a while actually, I just kept getting eyeliners from boxes so I never felt like I ought to go out and buy one. This has the pen tip eyeliner on one end and a crayon style eyeliner on the other end. Its been a while, but I have used Laura Geller’s eyeliner’s before and really liked them so I am happy to try this one out as well.

So there we have the July Premium Boxy Charm box. For my $35 I received $176 worth of product. For Boxycharm premium that is a bit of a low return on investment. Usually the value is much higher In addition, there were some issues and the box really didn’t feel premium. I recognize that there are currently issues beyond their control, but this seemed a bit like poor decision making met shipping issues.

I will say that I am very excited about the selection I already made for August’s box and I hope the rest of the items that come in the box are just as nice. At the moment my plan is to keep my Boxycharm subscriptions through September. I want to see if Boxyluxe is actually worth keeping and if the onset of the pandemic was the reason for the last Boxes issues. I was hoping to start changing things around in January, but if the boxes don’t get better, I may be switching things around earlier. We shall see.

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