Weekly Weight: 203.8 lbs

August 7, 2020

I love when everything works well.  While I still babied my ankle this week, it is almost completely back to normal now.  Next week can see a return to my normal schedule. 

In many ways. 

This week I also spent fighting with graphics and the like in an effort to get my latest book out (Cursed). Now the book is out and I am no longer limping. 

It’s a winner all around.

What I did do was keep an eye on my calories and used my arm weights in my chair.  My shoulders are a little sore, mostly because I went a little crazy with the their dancing once I finally got the book out. 

I’d like to say there was an actual song I was dancing to as it sounds less crazy, but I think I was just combining several different beats with the words “It’s done, it’s done, its finally, finally done.”

Yeah, there is no set tune for that but I do sing it after every book is complete.  Every large project too actually. At some point I might want to get an actual tune for it instead of me and my ProsourceFit making it up as I go along. I really have loved those weights as my ankle healed though. Next week though, its back to the you tube videos.   Although to be honest, there will still be chair dancing with weights.

I’m hoping to keep logging my food in as well.  I’m using the my fitnesspal app for that and I find it really does help me stay on track.  I need to stop guessing my calories and just actually record them.  I think that really is why I sort of plateaued for so long.  So I suppose the twisted ankle was good for something.

I’m still not thanking the bunny rabbits who dug the holes in my yard.

So to the Stats:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs

Last week’s weight: 204.4 lbs

This week’s weight: 203.8 lbs

Weight lost this week: 0.6 lbs

Weight lost thus far: 42.2 lbs

Weight left to lose (apx): 80.8 lbs

And so with that we end another week. I will push on, this time with both feet firmly on the ground and hopefully move back into making diet and exercise work together. I hope you have a fabulous Friday.

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