August 2020 Glossy Box Unboxing

Glossy Box – The Birthday Edit

Happy birthday to Glossy Box!  This August they celebrate their 9th birthday and this year they celebrated it with a bang.  Before we get into the celebratory box, here’s  a few things to know about Glossy Box. 

It is a $21 per month beauty subscription box.  If you sign up for a full year, the cost is reduced to $18 per month.  This is what I do because after my first box, I knew I wanted to keep this subscription around for a while.  One nice thing they do with this is that even though you sign up for a full year, you still pay the $18 monthly instead of all in one lump sum.  For me this really helps with my budgeting. 

Right now they also have two specials running for new subscribers.  The first is $5 off your first box with the code SAVEGLOSSY.  This deal runs through August 30th.  The second deal is 20% off of your first box with the code FIRST20.  This code is valid from August 10th through the 16th (So essentially this week). I feel I should add I get nothing if you use those codes and this is not a sponsored post, I pay for my own box. I am just a really big fan of Glossy Box and it seems like each box keeps getting just a little bit better.

So let’s talk about August’s box.  First off the box always comes nicely packaged.  The packaging always make it feel like you are getting a present (even in a non birthday month).  It is a study cardboard box that I tend to reuse.  Typically it is pink with black detailing. This month they jazzed up the exterior for their birthday and  added a nice ribbon so it felt especially festive.  The ribbon was a little squashed in transit and it was glued to the box to it is not the reusable ribbons you tend to get every month, but it is still a nice addition. 

As with most things, it is inside that counts.

Once inside, there is the standard tissue paper wrapping, black this month instead of pink.  No ribbon inside this month because it was on the outside I expect, but there was the sticker holding the tissue paper together.  I don’t know why but this always makes me think someone took just a little extra care in packing it.  It makes me feel that the items were placed instead of just chucked into the box. Sometimes it really is the little details that make something feel special.

The lip balm

But enough about packaging, to the products.  The first item I pulled out of the box was a heart.  Or at least a heart shaped lip balm.  It is a full sized lip balm from Rebel Refinery (retail $7). 

The interior of the lip balm

The Geo Heart Shaped lip balm is in the scent coconut lime and is an all natural lip balm made with coconut and sweet almond oils.  It is infused with vitamin E.  I have to say this summer has been especially brutal where I live and I have been going through lip balms like crazy. 

I think that in addition to the heat wave, anytime I go out anywhere it has been in an outdoor environment to facilitate air flow and social distancing.  There has also been the ever present face mask.  I find without lip balm my lips tend to suffer behind the mask.   So in general I am glad to have another lip balm.  The geometric heart is adorable and it has a soft rubberized texture to it that is really pleasant to hold.  Admittedly, I had it on my desk and my baby doll thought it was some sort of eraser.  It sort of has that texture.  It is however not an eraser as he pointed out when he tried to use it as such. 

I twisted it open to show him the product.  It twists open like the EOS lip balms so.  Incidentally he still thinks it should still be an eraser, so for anyone planning a back to school lip balm line, perhaps you could look into that option. Lip balm on the inside, eraser on the out.  But that is beside the point.  I will add though that to me the lip balm didn’t smell like coconut lime.  It smells a bit like the faux Prosecco scent products add to their items when they want them to smell like champagne. I like the scent, but that is what it smells like to me.  It is nicely hydrating on the lips and the scent dispates rather quickly so the scent is really not an issue.

The second item I pulled out of my Glossy box this month was the Jecca Blac Glow drops Primer in Rose Pearl (retail $20).  It is a full sized product as well. 

Now we all know I love primers, but this is one of those products that can be used as either a primer or a highlighter.  As I do not generally care for glowy primers, I’m going to be using it as a highlighter. I added it to this week’s make up bag to use in that capacity. 

I will try it as a primer to see how it works , but from the test on my hand, I can sort of see I’m going to want to file this into highlighter territory. I am happy to have it though. 

This was just a little squeeze. More came out then I anticipated. I think this is going to be one of those use sparingly products as when I rubbed this in to see how it worked it covered my arm to the elbow.

I am starting to like cream highlighters more and more actually.  For a long time I was sort of scared of them, but I think I’ve learned how to apply just a little so I really like them. 

Knowledge, who knew that would ease fears?

Next up is a travel size of the Freeman Beauty dry shampoo, Psssst – Deep clean Dry shampoo, that is (retail $2.99).  I honestly didn’t know Freeman made dry shampoo.  I always think of them as making generally okay face masks. 

In the summer time especially I go through a lot of dry shampoo though, so I am never upset to see a new one arrive.  In fact I just finished the COLAB dry shampoo that came in a previous Glossy box.  I ended up really liking that one even though I had never heard of it either so, perhaps we’ll go two for two.  I’ll have to keep you posted.

The fourth item in my box this month was the Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrush in the shade Sweet lilac (retail $12). 

Mine actually looks decidedly more pink than lilac, but I don’t mind, and it is full sized..  In general I have found that these sorts of brushes don’t work on my hair as the bristles are too plastic and snap my hair.  I will say I tried this one after a shower, just to give it a fair shot and I have to say I am impressed. 

The brush went smoothly through my wet hair with no tugging or pulling at all.  It just simply did what it was supposed to and did detangle my hair.  I also didn’t have any product in it at the time.  I did a simple wash and condition in the shower but no hair masks or leave in conditioners, just to see how it really worked.  It worked beautifully, so I will be keeping and using this. To be honest it is one of the products I wasn’t too happy to see but now think is one of the best in the box.

There were two more items in my box this month, one a full size and the other the sample extra treat.  Because the last full sized item is something special, I’ll start with the extra bonus item and then move on to the final product.

So the extra bonus treat was a foil packet from Snowberry.  It is the Youth Renewing Face Serum.  I’ve used Snowberry products before, in fact I have used this serum before.  I really liked it actually. 

It has been a while so details are hazy, but I added it to my list of items to pick up again in the future.  The thing is that you really only need a little bit of the serum.  There is way more in this little foil packet then I will need for one application. 

When I get foil packets like this , I generally take one of my clean, empty jars from another product and empty the foil packet into it.  That way I can use it all without using too much.  In general I do this with all foil packets since I don’t want my opinion of the product to be skewed by applying too much just so it won’t go to waste or in having air exposure affect the rest of the product because the foil pack is open.  I just find it a better way to test products in foil packets.  But like I said, I already know I like this serum and I am happy to have another sample of it on hand.

Glossy Box Skincare officially launches on August 12th

And finally we reach the last full sized product.  It is an eye cream.  But it is not just any eye cream, it is a Glossybox Skincare Eye Boost Cream (Retail $23). That’s right. This month, Glossy Box launched their own skin care line.   Officially, it launches August 12th. So Glossy subscribers get an additional early tease by getting the eye cream in the August Box.  As I just finished my current eye cream, I am looking forward to transitioning into using this right away.

In the pamphlet that comes with the box listing information about all of the products as well as the retail value of the items, was thicker this month because it contained an extra section detailing their new Skin are launch.  The items look like a really interesting mix.  I immediately looked at them and tried to decide which I wanted to try first.  The containers are in the signature Glossy Box pink and black.  There are different styles of cleansers, moisturizers and creams all of which I am eager to try. 

Once I turned away from the large central image in the pamphlet, I got another surprise.  There are two prices listed for each product.  One is the price for the regular public and the other is the discounted price for Glossy Box subscribers.  For example the eye cream I received in my August box may retail for $23, but as a subscriber I can pick up the same Eye Boost Cream for $18.  Which is a 20% discount. And the discount is the same for all the products.  So with the 20% subscriber discount all of their skin care products cost between $16 and $22 making them super affordable.  In addition the formulas are at least 87% natural with the packaging being made of 100% recyclable sugarcane wherever possible. They are all made in the UK and use 100% renewable electricity in the plant to create zero landfill waste. 

The lay out of the upcoming release in this month’s Glossy Box Pamphlet

I have to say I read that and I really like it.  While I am used to thinking of recycled packaging (most of which ends up in my composter in the back yard and then gradually turned into something I can use in my garden) I don’t always think of the electricity in the plant used to make the product.  I know I should, but often I forget. I am glad someone remembers though. It also makes my desire to try out all of the items in their new skin care line feel like I’m supporting good practices rather than just being obsessive about wanting to try them all.  I will be testing out the eye cream for now, as well as delving further into the ingredients list, but I suspect I might be placing a large order in the near future. 

As always, after using the products and seeing how I like them, I will go on the Glossy Box website and report in.  Generally each product I review will earn me $0.40 in Glossy Credit.  This can then be spent in the Look Fantastic on-line store, which is enormous and contains a wide array of brands from Claudalie to NYX. They have hair care, skin care and makeup.  It is a great on-line market place and they tend to run sales and discounts quite often, even if you don’t have a subscription. I love that Glossy Box links to them so you can spend your Glossy Credit there. It is definitely another perk in the subscription.

So that was my August Glossy Box.  It contained four full sized items this month and one travel sized dry shampoo as well as an extra treat of a sample sized Snowberry Serum.  All of the products are ones I am looking forward to trying out. The brush I know will get a lot of use for quite a while.  The value of my box ended up coming to $64.99.  While that isn’t a bad return on a $21 box, because I have the annual subscription, I only pay $18.  So for me, it was definitely worth it.  All in all, I am very happy with this month’s Glossy Box. I will happily use the products and look forward to both the August 12th official skin care launch and seeing what new fabulous items are sent next month.

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