Ciate London Extraordinary Foundation Review

Recently there have been a lot of Ciate products finding their way into my makeup bag.  Some come from subscription boxes, others I pick up on my own.   The first Ciate product I picked up was the Jessica Rabbit eyeshadow Palette.  Every time I see it I remind myself that I want to pick up other products from that line.  I especially want the Jessica Rabbit compact, plus every time I reorder the Ciate loose translucent powder, I end up eyeing the glitter flip liquid lips.

I suspect that once I’ve used up a few more products and cleared out a little space in my dressing table, I will give in and order some lippies to try out at the very least. I can forget about compacts for a while, but I will almost always give in to the siren sound of lipstick calling my name.  Well, as long as I don’t get distracted by Caudalie and Molton Brown that is. I usually start looking at makeup on the Look Fantastic site but almost always end up veering into skincare and bath products. (incidentally Look Fantastic has a sale going on 10% off with the code LF10 as well as a Countdown Sale)

But my haphazard collection plan and multiple distractions are stories for another time, today we are here to talk about the Extraordinary foundation. According to the product page…

Long-lasting with a weightless, second skin finish, Extraordinary Foundation gives a medium coverage glow whilst blurring pores and imperfections. This versatile, buildable formula can be buffed into the skin for sheer finish, applied just where needed or layered all over for a fuller coverage.

At 50ml, Extraordinary Foundation is 66% larger than the average foundation size, plus the soft tube means it’s great for travel!

Botanical extracts such as Mimosa and Arctic Rose that help to instantly lift and energize skin leaving it soft and radiant, plus hydrating hyaluronic acid, moisturising squalene and oil-controlling bamboo extract. Up to 16-hour wear, Hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic (does not block pores), and Vegan.

Okay so medium coverage is generally my favorite in the foundation arena.  I’m not so much of a glowy foundation sort of person, but I figured I was using a matte setting powder over it, that might help. Incidentally this week in my makeup bag I also had the Ciate Watermelon burst Primer and the Ciate Translucent setting powder. I really should have taken out my other Ciate products and just had a solo brand bag this week, but I am still missing a couple of items so, I’ll be doing that at a later date. When last I checked the bronzer was still listed as sold out.

Anyway, I picked up the shade 127Y Bamboo for my foundation.  As always when ordering foundation on line I crossed my fingers and hoped I picked the right shade.  Oddly enough The shade was an exact match for my summer tanned skin.  In about a month I will not be able to wear it as my skin will have lightened too much so I’ll have to take a guess on a winter shade, but that is only if I really like the foundation.

Bare skin on the left, just foundation on the right. While I love the coverage, I think it definitely needs a primer underneath. (no primer in this photo)

First I applied it.  As with any new foundation trial, I gave it a week’s worth of use.  The first day I tried it with no primer, the second with a primer (in this case the Watermelon Burst primer) and then with primer and powder under the foundation. For this one I actually tried out a different primer (the Porefessional mattifying primer) but I’ll get to why in a little bit.

First the solo run.

I applied the foundation using my favorite foundation brush (999 Master Blender from Bdellium Tools)and used my Huda Beauty blending sponge to really get into the corners and smooth out any lines left behind. As an aside, I have to say I have been really liking my HUDA Beauty sponge.  It has just the right balance between firm and soft and that flattened spot is really helpful. I know at some point I need to do just a tool review post, but seriously, The Master Blender and Huda, both fantastic.

Full face at the start of the day (i.e. before I’ve done my hair), Incidentally the lip is and elf liquid lip matte – dries down almost instantly but isn’t terribly drying on the lips. I forgot I was wearing it until my baby came home and commented very long wearing too.

So, the foundation is listed as medium coverage, but buildable.  I found one pump gave me enough product to cover my entire face. While I have some dark spots – the ghosts of breakouts prior, and some pigmentation and under the skin clogged pores, at the moment my skin has no major break outs. (look at the chin to see dark spot coverage.)  I am dealing with more of a textural issue than eruptions.  I’m sure in a week or so that will change as things erupt, but for now I mostly needed to conceal dark spots.

Which this foundation did really well with just one application.  I did not need to build it up.  The foundation went on smoothly and easily.  It covered my dark spots and yes, like the product claimed, the effect was very skin like. It was a bit glowier than I generally prefer but not over the top and a dusting of powder knocked it down to my preferred level. While I had no issues with the application, it is the wearing that tells the tale.

Over the course of the day (and the several days that passed making up this week) I wore my makeup for about 8 hrs each day.  Since the foundation is supposed to last for up to sixteen hors with no issues, I thought this was a fair time frame.  I’ll be honest, on occasion I will find myself wearing makeup for a ten hour stretch, but even that is rare these days. 

End of the day on the day with no primer underneath. I get texture showing in my cheeks as the day progresses without primer under most foundations and you can see around my nose the glow returning as the powder wore off bute even without primer it wasn’t terribly bad, just not as good as it could be.

I had no issues with the foundation crumbling or peeling away from the skin during those eight hours, regardless of what I put under it.  However what I put under it did affect the appearance.

Now first off with all of the trials I put it through, I did find that by mid day I needed to pat my t-zone with powder.  I think partially that was less the oil coming through the foundation and more the fact that I don’t really care for glowy skin and the powder was wearing off.  Either way, a quick moment with my compact and I was good to go for the rest of the day.

Now the rest of it.  I found that with no primer, while the foundation stayed in place, by the end of the day, the texture in the larger pores of my cheeks by my nose were starting to show a bit. See photo. 

The Ciate Watermelon Burst Primer I used this week is not really a pore filling primer. Its a good primer if I am just applying primer and powder for the day, which I am known to do, but it is not pore filling. Used alone under the foundation, it didn’t really produce too much of a change. 

Applying powder to the primer and then applying my foundation over it helped prevent the foundation from sinking into my pores and exposing the texture to the world at large.

While I was also trying out the Watermelon Primer this week, I did have one day where I pulled the Benefit PoreFessional Primer out of my dressing table.  I chose it because I have used it enough to know how well it works and I wanted to see how it worked with the foundation. 

Minimize pores and dryness with Benefit’s NEW The POREfessional: Hydrate Primer!

With the pore filling primer underneath, this foundation was fantastic.  There was absolutely no issue with texture.  In addition, because the pore filling primer from Benefit is a mattifying formula, it tempered the glow of the foundation to something I didn’t feel I had to add extra powder to during the day.  I added the setting powder when finishing my makeup, but I didn’t have to go in with a compact mid day.

I really liked using this foundation and I think I may look into one of their lighter shades.  While this shade suits my current skin tone, this is as dark as I will ever really be and soon I will begin the fading process. So the Bamboo matches me at my absolute darkest.  While good to have, it doesn’t help the rest of the year.  So I’ll seek out another shade in my next order. 

While it is a very good foundation, it is one that I know I need to wear not just with a primer but with a mattifying pore filling primer, like the Benefit Porefessional. I picked this up because I loved Ciate’s blush and powder and realized I never tried their foundations.  I have to say I am really glad I thought to pick this up. Hopefully the winter shade I pick will match me just as well. Finger’s crossed.

Molton Brown (US)

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