Morphe+Manny MUA Palette Review

This palette came to me in a Boxy Charm box.  I have to say, I would probably not have picked this up on my own, even though I do like Manny MUA. I find a lot of his content funny and informative. This palette just didn’t speak to me and for me Morphe has always been hit or miss .  And to be honest, even the hits are less hits and really just kind of okay.  Morphe is an affordable brand which is an idea I like although there are other affordable makeup brands with much better quality products out there at the moment. And to be honest, this palette was just meh.

While I do like neutrals and do tend to be on the calmer side of eyeshadows, with the exception of the shade Cancer, nothing really got me excited.  And to be honest, once I tried Cancer I realized I had a similar shade in a different palette that I liked much better.  Oddly enough it was the doucce palette I tried a few months back and it was the only shadow I actually liked in that palette.

First row of shadows (across L to R: Dust Cloud, Scorpio, Fire Witch, Leo)

The palette contains twelve shadows and two highlighters.  With the shadows, I can’t actually say there was anything wrong with them.  They applied okay, with minimal fall out and I had no real problems.  They weren’t all that pigmented and weren’t all that easy to build up although with some time, you could work to build them up. The colors paired well together and I was able to create several basic looks. 

Second row of swatches (across L to R: Sophie, Spellbound, Cancer, Zaya)

With the exception of the use of the hot pink shade Gamenta, all of the looks ended up looking the same after about an hour of wear. Some were a little lighter than others, but they mostly looked the same.  By the end of the day even Gamenta faded to a washed out reddish shade of no determinate hue.

Third row of swatches (across L to R: Boy Next Door, Gamenta, Aries, Howl)

All of the shades I have in other palettes and all in formulas I like a lot better.  Like I said there is nothing wrong with the palette, I just found it boring and think that the performance was just okay and the end result was kind of muddy looking.  While I do tend to like basic neutrals this palette was just meh. There is no other term for it. It makes it hard to review actually.  There were no horrors or wonders.

I liked Boy Next Door, but have the same shade in a palette from The Balm that works much better.  I liked Spell bound but again, there is a shade in the Storybook Little Briar Rose that is similar and works much better.  I liked scorpio and leo, because let’s face it I am always going to like a gold or a bronze shimmer shadow, but again I have a bunch of these shades I like better. That is more or less the theme of this palette: shades I have elsewhere in better formulas.

As for the two highlighters, I was not a fan.  Where you apply it is wear it stays.  If you want a line of shimmer, then these are your highlighters.  If you want to blend it in a little for a soft glow, look elsewhere. One highlighter is golden and one is pink.  They are easy shades to find elsewhere.  OFRA for one makes highlighters that are leaps and bounds better. Becca, too. And they aren’t the only one.  I just really like their highlighters so it sprung to mind.

Like I said at the beginning, this palette came in a Boxy Charm Box.  I don’t tend to order Morphe products, and if asked, I would not buy this again. In fact I’m pretty sure it will sit in the drawer until my next purge/declutter and then it will be moved along.   While I may often go with basic neutrals, just okay product doesn’t really earn space in my dressing table.

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