My Daily: August 24th, 2020

Afternoon all, I hope your Monday was a good one. For those following along with my weight loss journey, for the next 30 days I am not going to be getting on the scale. Instead I am going to be monitoring what I eat and trying to hit my daily workout goals. I will be going off of how I feel rather than what the scale tells me. My next time on the scale will be September 25th. So during the week I am going to post a little bit about my day.

This morning was interesting. Our power got knocked out by a storm last night so waking up was a bit of a scramble so I missed my 25 minutes of flexibility/stability training (which I usually do to a you tube video.)

I did get in a long walk before I started work. It was 1 hr and 45 minutes of walking and I logged in 5.4 miles. As today remained cool (and I was stuck on a plot point) I ended up going on a shorter afternoon walk as well. It was just 45 minutes (one lap around the main part of the walking trail) equalling 2.3 miles.

I remembered to record everything I ate (I’m currently using as my food diary), I am right on track and have left myself enough calories for my soup and salad dinner tonight as well. Over all I am feeling pretty good about how my week has kicked off. Tonight I plan to look up the calorie burning possibilities of some basic exercises and come up with a simple routine that I can follow from the listed movements in the exercise app on

I know it is a good thing that I am going without a scale for the month, it just makes me a little nervous and the more details I have the better I feel about it. Otherwise I am on track. Sweaty after my afternoon walk and ready for a shower, but still feeling pretty good. Hopefully I can keep this trend going. I’ll check in with you tomorrow and let you know. Right now, it’s shower and hydration time. Luckily we just put a new canister in the soda stream so I have fresh extra bubbly water to consume. I don’t really like any of the flavorings that you can put in soda stream water, but I do find I drink more water if it has bubbles than I do if it doesn’t. So viva la seltzer and bring on the bubbles.

SodaStream USA, inc

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