Putting Freeman’s Psssst! Deep Clean Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair to the test

In the summer time, dry shampoo is my friend. While it is an acquaintance during the winter, in the summertime we are super close.  Recently I came back from my walk looking like a melted mess.  While I tie up my hair when I walk, upon returning I let my hair down to kind of dry off. So I did not go out of the house looking as crazy as these photos. 

On this particular day, my plan had been to cool down and then take a shower before putting on my makeup and getting to work (I generally walk in the mornings before I start work.  The hope is to beat the heat, but as you can guess from the pics the heat and humidity often win).

To be honest it was a day I didn’t need to be anywhere but at my computer.  I had no calls, video or otherwise scheduled and planned to work out a plot difficulty some of my characters were having.  So I sort of moseyed to the desk that morning and allowed myself to cool off completely. 

The greasy mess

However just as I decided it was shower time, the phone rang and a video call was rescheduled. There was no time for a shower and I looked an unholy fright.  Or like I just received an unholy fright. I’m pretty sure if I threw on a muumuu and ran out of the house screaming and waving my hands in the air my neighbors would suspect some sort of demon invasion.

Or squirrels.

Occasionally they get into the houses around here through the attics.

Okay, they’d probably suspect squirrels and not demons.

I would suspect demons.

coated with product

But that’s not the point.  The point is that I wasn’t video call ready and there was no time for a shower.  So I deployed the dry shampoo.  The one I grabbed was the Freeman dry shampoo with pink clay and peppermint. It came in a Glossy Box and I hadn’t gotten around to trying it out.

Glossy Box:
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To be honest, if I had been thinking clearly I would have gone for a tried and true product instead of testing out a new one, but I clearly wasn’t thinking, just reacting.

So what is the point of the pink clay and peppermint?  According to Freeman…

Freeman Psssst! Deep Clean Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair is your go-to for instantly clean, healthy-looking and nourished hair in-between washes. This weightless formula with natural ingredients, including ultra-fine rice starch, absorbs oil without any build-up.

Psssst! Dry Shampoo is 100% free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and not tested on animals.

Key Ingredients: Pink Clay: Absorbs impurities from scalp and hair, Peppermint: Cools and refreshes

At the moment I just needed grease be gone, but I was willing to be refreshed.  So I sprayed away. I have to say, in my opinion, it doesn’t smell like peppermint.  Or pink clay for that matter.  Oddly enough it smells a bit like pink grapefruit.  You know the sweet kind you don’t really have to add sugar to? To me that is what is smelled like. Hich I don’t mind, I actually liked the scent, I just found it surprising.

non crazy for an unscheduled meeting

But smell wasn’t the immediately important factor. After all it was a video call.  I just needed to look good.  Once I was through with the call I could take a shower. I could always open a window and clear the sweat scented air out of my office later.(although I wasn’t too bad actually as I used one of my Busy Beauty Showerless wipes prior. They have been a lifesaver this summer.)

I sprayed (a lot) the dry shampoo.  While there was a temporary white cast to my hair, I don’t mind generally as the dry shampoos that leave white on my hair generally work the best at oil absorption.  I just have to brush it out really well. And with dark hair, unless you find a dry shampoo specifically formulated for dark hair, you are going to get white in your hair. Klorane actually has a dry shampoo for dark hair and it works really well and is one of my favorites (when I remember to order it instead of the regular one. Either works and is my standard for comparison.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Which I did.  I brushed like mad, got all the white out and looked passable for my video call.  Is it my favorite dry shampoo? No. Both Klorane and IGK are better. However, in an emergency this is a great product to have on hand.  Especially if you only need to temporarily look good.  I did use a boatload of product though.  My call lasted a little over an hour and after ending the call my scalp was starting to get a bit itchy.  Once the video call ended I had a couple of catch up/ planning calls to make before I could step away for my much needed shower.

All told I had the product in for about two and a half hours.  My scalp was very itchy, but the time I opened the windows and turned on the fan to air out the office as I went to shower. I believe the itchy scalp is my own fault for over doing it on the product.  I have since used it in a normal fashion with no itchiness. The itchiness was the result of an emergency pile up.

I also asked one of my friends who was on the call with me if she noticed anything strange.  She didn’t so I managed to pull off looking normal. Well as normal as I get, anyway.

When I washed out the mass product from my hair, I had no problems at all.  I’m currently using Tressemme Shampoo and conditioner in my shower and they knocked out the remnants of the dry shampoo no problem.  I deliberately didn’t use any form of hair mask or leave in conditioner to see how my scalp looked.  There was no residue after a good simple wash which I appreciated.  Because if I didn’t get a residue from that much over usage, I’m not going to get it with a regular spray down.

I can’t say I’ve seen any really nourishing aspects to the dry shampoo, Klorane definitely has Freeman beat there. With the Korane I will use it at night just before bed and then brush it out the next morning. I tried that with the Freeman and my scalp did get a bit itchy. Not as bad for product overload, but not something I wanted to sleep with. Quick touch ups and emergency blast are this product’s strong suits and it does both of those really well.

I hate to say this but I was surprised by how well this product worked.  And no, it isn’t because I favor higher priced items.  (This is a $6.99 item at its highest – I saw it listed in several places for less).  The reason I am surprised it worked so well is because I have always associated Freeman with face masks. I honestly didn’t realize they did anything else until I got this product.  And to be fair I probably wouldn’t have realized it if the product hadn’t come in my Glossy Box. 

Now of course the next time I am in Target, I will be perusing the Freeman section to see if it is carried.  I used up about half of my sample sized bottle for the one meeting so I doubt the remainder will last long.  However, the summer temperatures are still clinging on and although I walk early, sometimes it isn’t early enough to avoid the sweaty catastrophe. And there is always the possibility of another video call schedule change.  I can easily spend $6.99 for an emergency stash of dry shampoo designed to promote the illusion that I am unruffled by sudden changes to my work day and have everything completely together in my world.  After all, they can’t see the fluffy bunny socks I’ve got on my feet under the desk.

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