The Daily: August 25th, 2020

I hope Tuesday is treating everyone well. As for me, it has been a mixed bag. I got up with my alarm today after only one smashing of the snooze button. So as I was up I started with a few of the Chloe Ting Videos. I went with this Warm Up which came in at a little over 6 minutes, Followed by the Get Shredded 🔥 12 Min Full Body HIIT Workout | Summer Shred Challenge, which lasted for 13 minutes. It didn’t seem like much while I was doing it but by the end of it, I was dripping with sweat. I felt really good afterwards and went on my walk. I had to cut a leg off my lap so it was only an hour long this morning as they rains started. We’ve had intense humidity for the past few days, no doubt pushed up by the tropical storms hitting the coast to the south.

It has been more or less raining off and on ever since so my one hour long walk today will have to suffice. It was just under three miles. I adjusted my caloric intake to account for the missing afternoon walk. Even if it does stop raining and the sky is clear after dinner, the park will no doubt be flooded and the mosquitoes floating around in vast swarms looking for their latest target. I have no desire to be their next target. Fingers crossed the water retreats by morning.

My abs are kind of starting to get a little sore from the morning videos and I suspect that even if i do manage to get up tomorrow morning I will want to talk myself out of doing them. To help combat this I have placed a post it note reminder on my bathroom mirror. the post it note just says ‘skipped walk yesterday.’ I’m hoping this will make me feel as though skipping a morning workout so soon after skipping a walk is not a good idea. I’m not at my brightest when I first wake up so there is the possibility that the trickery will work. As long as I have to go to the bathroom before I have my coffee, I’m golden. I become smarter once caffeinated. Or at least awake enough to understand that I am attempting to trick myself. It becomes more difficult to trick myself then.

Although I am still feeling a little off about giving up my scale for the month, I have to say these short posts reminding me of what I have done and have helped remind me to log my food and keep track of things. I did this at the beginning of my weight loss journey but then fell off when i thought I knew what I was doing. The tracking is helping to keep me focused and to be honest, I really like not having to think as much about what I am eating. Which sounds strange I know, but hear me out.

With the food diary, I enter the dinner I have planned first thing in the morning. Then I know how many calories I can eat the rest of the day. When I enter an exercise, the system calculates the change for me to keep me on track without having to think about it. The only thing I have to remember is to enter what I eat and what I do. Dinner is the hardest part since it is the most complicated meal of my day so if i knock it out early, I feel like I’ve done the hard part. At least that is the way it feels to me right now. In a few more weeks I may be annoyed with it (which happened last time which is how I got out of the habit of keeping a food diary.) But for now I am really liking it.

So my darlings, that has been my day, fitness wise. On food I am good and barring the sudden inexplicable urge for peanut butter fudge at midnight, I should be okay on my calories. I hope those of you working along on your own fitness journey are doing what works for you.

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