Bubble Bubble, toil and trouble, face mask Friday on the double

Blackhead 02 Bubble Pore Pack Pore Ritual by Caolion

I have to admit, this was my first bubble mask.  I know, they’ve been around for a while.  They were all the rage and now they aren’t talked about much.  Somehow, I never got around to trying any of them.

I think it is my love of clay masks to clean out my pores.

But when I picked up one of IPSY’s masking bundles (mostly because they had a larger size of the Generation Clay purple mask and I couldn’t resist) I figured why not give it a go. 

According to the directions you apply this to a clean face, it bubbles, you give it three minutes to work its magic and then you massage your face before rinsing. Easy peasy right?

So hair back, face washed and onto the face the mask went. I could feel little exfoliating bits so I assumed that was why I was supposed to do a little massaging before rinsing.  I’m okay with that, it didn’t feel too coarse on the skin.  It started bubbling before I finished applying it to the skin which was interesting so by the time I finished applying it I was quite foamy.

Somehow I didn’t expect the sound. 

close up, the upper lip really tickled

It was like spending three minutes sitting in a bowl of rice crispies. There was a lot of snapping, crackling and popping going on.  It also tickled.  Not a lot, but the spots right above my upper lip really tickled.  The closer to my nostrils the mask was the more ticklish it became.  By the time three minutes passed I felt like I was doing a Charlie Chaplin Mustache twitch routine. 

You know, without the actual mustache.

But the three minutes passed and I rubbed and rinsed.  The exfoliation was fine.  The mask rinsed off clean.  I can’t actually say I saw much in the way of pore cleansing.  My skin is nice and soft, but the pores that were clogged are still clogged. 

After three minutes and just before the rubbing and rinsing phases

I’m used to my pore clearing masks bringing more things to the surface.  This really didn’t do that.  It was fun to use and it tickled in a way that was actually pleasant, but most of what it accomplished was due to the exfoliate, which almost seemed to be an extra benefit tacked on and not something they proclaimed in the title.  And truthfully if I am going for an exfoliating mask, I’m probably going for the Korres Pomegranate exfoliating mask.  It takes five minutes instead of three but is worth way more than the extra two minutes. (just don’t use extra time with it, as it is really only meant to sit on the sin for five minutes).

While this mask was fun and it came in a bundle, I probably wouldn’t buy it on its own.  I’ll use what I have but once gone, it won’t be repurchased. I think I’ll stick with the korres on this one.


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