Is the Percy and Reed Wonder Balm perfectly perfecting?

I am a big fan of leave in conditioners.  To be honest, I have grown more fond of them now that I am trying to put in time sweating every day. While dry shampoo is great for touch ups and temporary fixes, my workout/sweat fests require more hair washing than when I am not trying to lose weight.  Especially now that I am using the walking trail for summer walks instead of the gym’s treadmill. 

I still use dry shampoo (quite a lot actually) but it is more a help after moderate workouts indoors (Yoga, wii fit, youtube videos) when I know I won’t be able to get to the shower until later or when I have a surprisingly rescheduled video call. I have somewhat long hair and it tends to be on the thick side. With dry shampoo I can rinse my hair every night, but only wash it every other night. When I don’t exercise I can skip two nights or washing. I have never been able to go longer without my hair turning into an absolute horror. 

I know that is a bit of a background but I thought it would help. The end result is that as I am now washing my hair more often than I am accustomed to, I use leave in conditioners, hair oils, masks and other treatments to help it out. Some are better than others. 

The one I’ve tried most recently is the Percy and Reed Wonder Balm. It came in my August Look Fantastic Box.  I have to say this was a really good box this month.  All of the products were ones I wanted to try out.  Some months are better than others in every subscription box, but August, Look Fantastic just sort of hit it out of the park in terms of product selection.

But what is this Wonder Balm? 

Well, according to the product page…

If you believe in miracles, pick up the Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm and watch the magic happen. An effective primer for your hair, this leave-in balm creates a versatile base for any hair-styling product which serves to enhance your ‘do. Ensure that your hair creations last longer by first applying the Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm for more control and manageability, added moisture and shine, and greater definition.

I found this to be an interesting product to work with.  I know it is called a primer, but it is effectively a leave in conditioner, or at least that is how it applies.  From the description I almost thought it was a styling gel.  It isn’t.  I applied the balm to my damp hair after a shower, whether it was a night I was washing it completely or just rinsing the day and dry shampoo away. 

while I use more product when my hair is wet, if dry this is the amount I use to tame fly aways and give a pore polished look to air dried hair

It wasn’t greasy or heavy in my hair, even on days where I wasn’t washing my hair.  In fact on those days it really worked well.  It helped keep my hair from tangling or getting knotted. That is the big issue for me on the days when I am not actually washing my hair. I still have to rinse the it out but then it risks getting knotted and becoming impossible to work with. This wonder balm was amazing in preventing the tangled knots.

When my hair was freshly washed, it kept me from getting fly aways. At the moment I am not doing a whole lot with my hair.  Because I am spending a lot of time at home, I have been letting my hair dry naturally and only really using heat to style it when I know I have a video call. Other wise I have been giving it a break from a lot of heated styling and just using hair repair kind of products.  Occasionally I have to use the flat iron on my bangs when they become completely crazy, but for the most part, I’m giving my hair extended recovery time. I figured since I’m home, I might as well let my hair benefit from the lack of socialization. Its actually been kind of nice watching my hair become healthier the longer I let it go.

With this product, I did use it on my damp hair, let it dry and then combed through it and had a nice casual, healthy look.  I also found that a little bit of this product, rubbed on the hands and then smoothed over dry hair helped the look seem more polished when going in front of the video camera if I forgot and didn’t take the time with the dryer and flat iron. I just applied it to the top layer and then combed through with a fine toothed comb.   So far it has been working really well for me. 

I will say that the scent was something I had to get used to. It is the only real drawback. When first dispensed, the floral scent is a bit cloying.  Once in the hair the scent leaves though so I was not surrounded by the floral scent the entire day.  Actually once applied it sort of has the scent of a really nice salon.  Which is kind of nice as I’ve been trimming my own hair since April (with varying levels of success) and like the salon scent. 

I also have a newfound respect for hairdressers.  I always respected them but I don’t think I appreciated quite how much an art styling hair was.  All of my layers have grown out so my hair is one length now and there is no way I will be attempting layers on my own (even though my hair really needs them).  The bangs have been an especially fun challenge to keep trimmed and I am looking forward to passing that back over to a professional.

I was never meant to be a hair dresser.  I can tell you that right off. It is not where my skills lie. It is an area where I need to trust a professional. I thought about calling to schedule an appointment at my salon, because things were starting to open up near me. That day, the salon closed because of an outbreak. The entire staff was sent home for two weeks.

I decided practice makes perfect and I clearly needed more practice cutting my bangs so no salon for me.

It’s why my hair occasionally looks a bit wonky in pictures as of late.

My horrid hair cutting skills aside, the real question is would I buy this product?  I think the answer has to be yes. 

The scent is not a deal breaker for me as the cloying scent fades fast and the product’s pros vastly outway the one slight con.

The sample size I received in my subscription box is 30 mL and after almost three weeks of more or less steady use, I am about halfway through the tube. The full size of the Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm is 75 mL so I know it would last quite a while.  You really do only need very little of this product.  To do some simple math (in a very haphazard way) the 30 mL tube will last about six weeks making 75 mL last a little over 12 weeks.  As the full size is only $24 it is very reasonably priced and works really well. At the moment Look Fantastic is having a large Labor Day Sale as well.  And I checked, this Wonder Balm is currently 20% off (use code LABORDAY). Which would put the price at just over $19 for the full sized tube.  Not a bad price at all.

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