The Daily: September 15th, 2020

Have you ever had one of those meetings where you said all you needed to say in the first five minutes and then sat there as everyone else went over the same information repeatedly, arguing the same points with slightly different wording until you begin to wonder if they are even remotely listening to what they are saying let alone what anyone else is talking about?

That was where I spent the bulk of my day.

At the end of those sorts of meetings I always feel like I have stockpiled time off in pergatory so if I ever do anything that is condemnation worthy Saint peter will shave off a little time calling it Time Served.

At least that is the only point I can think of for sitting through such meetings.

And I didn’t shoot rubber bands at anyone.

Mostly because I didn’t have any and I was pretending to be a real adult instead of a faux one.

I might have been less of an adult if I did have rubber bands. Especially after the third repetition of the phrase, “What I’m really trying to say here is…”

And my adult like behavior was rewarded. I was invited back in the spring for round two of the same project. It will feel like a better thing once my brain is not mush.

Luckily i got my walk in earlier so I feel like I actually managed to accomplish something today. And luckily no one looked at my notes. Midway through the meeting I had a story idea involving a murder and noted down some police procedures I needed to look up. Since at that point my involvement was done until the spring, I was just waiting until i could escape so the notes helped me looked interested. And at least it was a strangulation murder so I wasn’t noting down poisons.

Such is life. So we are having a baked potato dinner tonight (mostly because we have potatoes we need to use up and as long as I lean more towards chives than either bacon bits or sour cream, I should be able to stay well within my calories today. So there is a bonus. I got a walk in, didn’t bust my calories and behaved like an adult in public. I also have an extended contract for the Spring and I made a note never to bring rubber bands to any meetings I attend for this company.

Its best to leave temptation outside.

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