The Daily: September 22nd, 2020

Good afternoon my darlings. I know it is a bit early for me to be posting the daily post, but very shortly I am going grocery shopping. we haven’t been in a while and decided as today was not as busy as the rest of the week and early afternoon might not be all that crowded, we were going to try to go for it.

Plus our cupboard is beyond bare. Last night was left over night and we pretty much cleared out the fridge. So we are going with a long list. And I have found that grocery shopping these days tends to exhaust me. I don’t know if it is the stress, the fact that we shop for a month’s worth of groceries at a time or the interaction with people who sometimes don’t seem to be paying attention to their surroundings.

And the not paying attention starts before the grocery store. Some of my neighbors weren’t the greatest of drivers before the pandemic hit. Not having to drive everyday has not improved their skills. Sadly I am beginning to long for the time when I was just irritated because they didn’t use their turn signals. On my last grocery run I began to think people no longer saw the lines on the road. Which is extra strange because our city government decided that during the time when the roads were less traveled, they were going to go ahead and repaint most of the lines on the road so they are now brighter than they have been in a while.

And yet still unseen.

But maybe they have gotten back into the habit of seeing lanes since last month. Traffic seems to have increased so I know they are practicing.

So I went on an early walk, shivering slightly in the cool morning air (much to my delight). I double checked my grocery list and I even brought out my flat iron. And I used it for more than my bangs. I actually use it on my bangs most days because somehow sleep seems to raise one side up higher than the other. Not a lot, but enough that it is noticeable and I begin to think that I might need to take scissors and even them out. Then I use the flat iron and realize I did cut them straight I just slept funny. In case you are wondering I use the Foxybae traveling flat iron. I find it works much better on my bangs than the large one. I don’t know if it is just easier to maneuver or what but I really like it for my bangs. Its a good flat iron in general and perfectly sized for my bangs. I do need to actually get a regular sized flat iron for the rest of my hair though. The travel sized one is great if I want to put a little curl in my hair while straightening it, but it is kind of small for straightening all my hair.

I have a lot of hair, and I get tired.

Dressed for groceries and feeling like a cartoon villain

So the full sized flat iron is actually on my list for Black Friday/cyber monday. And yes I have started making a list – both of things I would like to pick up and items for those on my gift giving list. This year I’m not traveling so even stockings will be mailed. Hence the plan ahead for both purchase, packing and shipping.

But that is for later. For now, the list I am checking twice is for groceries. And then I am donning my mask and heading out. Foraging in the wild, if you will. I’m currently trying out a mask that has a bump out for the nose. Oddly enough not only does it leave space for my nose but it doesn’t touch my mouth and thus get coated with lipstick. It does make me feel like I am either a GIJOE or Mutant Ninja turtles villain. So I am either Cobra Commander or Shredder. I can live with that.

So off to get groceries and hopefully not linger near the oreos. I have a craving for them but know I can’t be trusted with the pack. I’m not much for sweets but I can take down far too many of the oreos for them to be left in my vicinity. I need like a two – four cookie pack. That way I can eat them and not see the rest of the cookies just waiting for me. So Oreo avoidance and groceries are the theme for this afternoon. With me luck.

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