Break Out

No I did not go crazy on my grocery run yesterday. My babydoll is not now trying to bake files into cakes or slip me the architectural diagrams for the air duct system. although I’m pretty sure the air ducts (while still completely ineffective) would still be more viable than the file in a cake method. It would also be more reliable than my babydoll baking a cake anyone would want to eat. Although if you are baking it as primarily a file smuggling device I suppose taste isn’t your primary focus.

Still no arrests. Just the Break Out Spot Treatment from Rosen Skincare.

the application wand

First, let’s talk break outs. While most of mine are under control, there have been some clogged pores and break outs due to stress, masking and general life as of late.  At the moment my skin is fairly clear. I have some clogged pores that I am working on dealing with (I have a system that thus far seems to be working).  However, I did notice that I had a really red spot indicating the imminent arrival of an unwanted friend.  And it is in one of those odd spots near the curve of my nose so it is both prominent and hard to reach and deal with.

I also noticed the Break Out Spot Treatment that came in my September Glossy Box sitting next to my face wash. (the link will take you to my full review of the September Box)  It is from Rosen Skin care and according to the product page…

Tired of the same calamine/alcohol spot treatments? So are we. That’s why we made Break-Out, the super simple, paste for bumps and breakouts. With easy application and an even easier ingredient list, this overnight spot treatment can help you feel smoother after just a few uses.


Zinc Oxide, Water (Aqua), Apple Cider Vinegar, Radish Root Ferment (Leuconostoc) Filtrate, Lactobacillus, Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Fruit Extract, Peppermint (Mentha Piperita) Oil, Xanthan Gum

Rosen Skincare

So I figured why not give it a whirl.  It looks like white-out correcting fluid.  It more or less feels like whiteout correcting fluid.  It smells like a peppermint stick.  The end result was that I felt a bit like I was putting toothpaste on my face. I know you are thinking, why would you know what it feels like to put toothpaste on your face Mimsy?

Ah ha.  It was one of my grandmother’s acne recommendations. Toothpaste on pimples at night to suck out all of the oil and then which hazel during the day as a toner. Both oddly enough worked rather well. Just remember to use regular, old fashioned tooth paste, not some sort of odd flavored gel formula if you try it. This is a job for Crest or Colgate.

Incidentally if you are wondering about the look on my face in this first photo, just as I went to hit the button to take the pic I heard glass breaking and a distinct ‘uh oh’ from the next room. It let me know something broke but that no one was hurt. I snapped the pic and then went to see what happened (a glass dropped too hard in the sink) and then forgot to retake the photo before applying.

the night before with no product, all apologies for the scowl

I will say it applies more smoothly than tooth paste. But it did make a bit of a mess.  A large chunk of it gathered at the top of the tube and had to be pushed down.  I’m pretty sure that happened in shipping.  But it got product all over the want and my hand. So it was a bit messy. I covered the one spot that had me concerned and then figured, in for a penny, in for a pound and dotted it on all of the bumpy clogged pores and blemishes currently on my face.

The product tingled.

A lot.

applied as directed

Enough that I was somewhat concerned by the thought of leaving it on overnight.  After about half an hour though the tingling stopped all together.  The product was also then dry enough that it wouldn’t smear all over my pillow. I think a large part of the tingling was due to it drying down as when it was dry there was zero tingling. Which made me less fearful of sleeping with it on.

I will say that my babydoll’s laughter was quite something to behold.  It may have dried down, but the white didn’t go away.  He found it absolutely hilarious.

The mocking was intense.

next morning wake up

But understandable.  And considering earlier in the night I teased him over his love of using a detangling brush in his beard, despite his dislike of beard grooming tools I suppose it was fair. 

(Not that his beard is long and unkempt.  It is relatively close to his face and well maintained.  He has curly hair and when he shaved, the ingrown hairs were awful so he grew a beard more for self-defense than fashion. It actually does look good on him. He just likes using his trimmer and basic shampoo and soap on it and making fun of anything that isn’t his shampoo (Suave Clean and Clear), his trimmer (every few years he does upgrade to a ‘fancier’ trimmer which he claims has better power and control – which may be true but is mostly his love of gadgets at work), and his soap (Dr. Squatch – also known as ‘that soap you pick up that I don’t mind’. He also sort of pouts when I forget to reorder it before he runs out in case you actually believe I am foisting ‘fancy’ soap on him.)

So I was mocked for the dashes of white across my face. Then the lights went out and he went to sleep chuckling so all was well. I do sleep with an eye mask on. I thought it was dry enough to use it however the eyemask looks like it made out with a clown while I slept. Surprizingly the product was really hard to remove when I actually tried to take it off.

After first wash

In the morning I went to the bathroom and found that the white had faded but was still noticeable.  So eager to see what lay beneath the white, I washed my face.  After washing my face, some of the white remained.

So I used my Avant exfoliating scrub.  Gentle, but effective.  It took the remaining white off.  For my clogged pores making small bumps on my skin, it did absolutely nothing. There was no change. 

after second wash

For the red spot indicating an eruption was soon to occur, it brought the blemish more to the surface a little faster than expected.  I think with repeated use it would help clear it away faster. 

I think this product is one that should probably be used on existing break outs.  I think it helps pull some of the oils out to dry them up. The skin around the appearing break out felt a lot dryer than last night. Because the blemish on my nose was closer to the surface it did help bring it out faster, but is not a clogged pore product.  The before and after pictured below are a close up of my nose. On the left you have the red spot threatening to come out and on the right you can see the spot raised a lot more but still not actually coming out. It is a little blurry because the lens did not want to focus that close to my skin. I can’t say I blame it, but the images are there if you’d like to see.

I think I will keep this product around and try it on full scale break outs.  I do get those, but not as often as I get the deeply buried clogged pores causing bumps. I think trying to use it on those will just unnecessarily dry out my skin. 

However as at the moment most of the items in my blemish fighting arsenal are targeted towards clogged pores, it is nice to have a straight up blemish fighter around.  I won’t be using it often, but I like having it there.  I will have to reserve judgement on whether or not I would repurchase this Break Out Spot Treatment until I try it out on full blown blemishes.  For now, I am perfectly okay with it taking up space in my medicine cabinet, waiting until it is needed. I am also thrilled with Glossy Box for sending it to me. It was part of the September Spa Edit box, which has officially sold out. Anyone signing up for Glossybox now will receive a mystery box. I may be on the fence about the Break out treatment, but the box is consistently good.

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