The Daily: September 24th, 2020

Rainy, rainy Thursday. There will be no walking outside. In reality it is on;y 62 degrees outside but as we routinely hit triple digits in the past couple of months it feels really cold. So everything is cold and damp. And I discovered one of the draw backs to having my baby doll working form home is that he occasionally scuppers my meal plans. He had to run to the office earlier and came back with lunch time burritos. It is a nice locally owned restaurant that I like supporting, but because I wasn’t going to get much exercise today I planned on a salad for lunch.

Yeah, the salad was not to be.

But the burrito was delicious. I think because we are eating out even less than usual food other people cook is extra tasty. And he did get my favorite so I can’t complain. It was a nice surprise.Just not diet friendly.I’m going with the salad for dinner and hope in the end it balances out.

Otherwise just working as it rains.

Thus far the highlight of my morning has been writing a scene where a somewhat foppish prince taunts a warmongering king across a battlefield in an effort to stall the actual battle. The city needs time to evacuate. It is actually a fun story. It’s the sequel to Cursed actually. That one sort of twisted up the Sleeping Beauty tale. I’m still following the main character from that, but I think I might try and work in a rumpelstiltskin tale into this one. Not sure yet. There is more plotting to be done before I reach that stage.

So that has been my afternoon. I skipped walking ate a giant burrito and have been writing most of the day. I have put the leg weights on my ankles so at least when I do move i have some resistance. Usually I only wear my Prosource fit weights in the morning between the desk and coffee pot, but I thought this afternoon they were justified. I could use a little extra help.

So not much to report on the fitness front. Unless non-fitness counts. There is one fun spot though. The Glossybox Advent Calendar became available for pre ordering today at noon. There is a discount for Glossy Box Subscribers ($89 for subscribers, $99 for nonsubscribers) but even nonsubscribers can order it. I’ll be doing a post solely on Advent calendars in October but I wanted to mention this one to you as it tends to sell out super fast and if you are interested I didn’t want you to miss it. While pre order is now available they are officially released October 5th. I know that included in the advent calender this year is Molton Brown, Viktor and Roth, Iconic London and First Aid Beauty to name a few. You can check it out by either clicking the link above or the advert below.

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