The Daily: October 7th, 2020

Good afternoon my darlings. I’ll admit that today, I am not feeling full of vim and vigor. I got my walk in so that is something, but I did not sleep well last night and am paying for it today.

Last night was one of those nights where I lay there and shut my eyes because they felt as though they were weighted, but still sleep didn’t come.

Then I’d open my eyes thinking surely I was asleep for just a little while and just didn’t realize it. After all when you are asleep you don’t realize time is passing, right? So I’d look at the clock and only two minutes had ticked by.

Then to top it all off I thought I was hearing voices. Seriously, I kept hearing a voice fading in and out. I could hear it when I rolled in one direction but not in the other so I kept thinking I might be imagining it. It was faint and intermittent so I couldn’t be sure it was there. I really began to think I was going crazy.

And my baby doll is a heavy sleeper so you could pretty much have a concert in the hallway and he wouldn’t even roll over. Although I’m not sure where in the hallway you would fit the drum kit.

This morning he told me I must be dreaming. Luckily when i went on my walk I ran into my neighbor who wanted to know if I heard one of the other neighbors last night. Apparently he was driving around last night with the radio on and the window down. With nowhere to go, he just sort of circled the neighborhood.

Yeah I wasn’t crazy. we live on a corner so he drove past two windows and so I heard intermittent radio as he passed by the house. While not thrilled with my neighbor, I am happy to have an explanation.

And so I had an extra benefit when I went on my walk. I burned a few calories and found out I wasn’t crazy.

Admittedly I have also felt like I was sleep walking through my day. I think I’ve read the same five pages several times. I think I am going to set them aside for the moment and get an extra cup of coffee. Then maybe I’ll have a hope of figuring out where the commas are missing and needed to be added instead of thinking that just adding fifteen extra to the top page making it a choose your own punctuation essay is a good idea.

Amusing to me, but probably not a terribly good plan. So I am off to caffeinate, finish out my day and hopefully manage an early night. Here’s hoping my neighbor doesn’t feel like taking another spin through the neighborhood tonight. If it becomes routine, I may have to look into some Holly Golightly style earplugs. Although even if he gives up his middle of the night run those might be fun to search out anyway. I wonder if they are found under ear plugs or jewelry?

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