Time for a little golden self care – rose gold that is…

welcome once again to the Friday face mask. Now I know what you are thinking, and yes, I’ve reviewed this mask before. But this time I did something interesting. One of my Boxy Charm boxes had a five pack of the 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Masks. So I thought, huh, I wasn’t sold on the mask the first time, but most skin care requires repeat uses for results. I give other skin care products time to prove themselves, why not masks?

Why not use it multiple times to see if I really like it?

So since I usually do masks Monday and Wednesday evenings as well as Friday afternoon, this week I decided to use three of my five masks. That’s right I went all in to try out the mask. So what should I expect?

Originally created as limited-edition item, this mask has grown into a global cult product and a staple in the 111SKIN collection. Containing 24k Gold and Damask Rose, this mask works both to illuminate and calm the skin for a party-ready glow. Used by supermodels, celebrities and influencers – this is a must-have in any skincare arsenal.

Apply the mask to dry, clean skin. Wear for 20 minutes. Use up to three times per week, and for longer durations when extra hydration is needed. 

So I washed my face. Then, I took the mask out of the pouch and unfolded it. I placed it on my face, which did require a bit of negotiation as it was very slick and tended to slide. As you can see from the photos, it didn’t adhere well to certain parts of my face. I think it wanted a face that was bigger than mine and was grumpy about my average sized head.

The strange look is me trying feeling it slide lower around my mouth and not wanting to taste the serum

I could tell right away it wasn’t going to stay so I hustled over to my bed, grabbed my ipod and lay down. The Pogues provided today’s relaxation soundtrack in case you were wondering.

And I kind of needed something relaxing. Today two of my subscription boxes came in. I was thrilled. Since I figured it would take at least a week before any arrived I was very pleased. I opened them and discovered each of them was missing an item. Seriously, not just one item missing from one box, but both boxes each missing an item. I contacted both boxes and in both cases customer service was ready to leap into action, on that front I have no complaints. everyone was fantastic.

It was just disapointing.

And took a little extra time I had planned to do something else.

But losing time seems to be the general theme of the day. I lost time this morning when my happy dance was derailed by the police arriving for my neighbor and then my walk took twice as long as everyone had to stop me and ask if I knew what was going on because I am one of the closest neighbors. You’d think by now that they’d realize I never know what’s going on. I am the last link on the gossip chain. i’ve even heard gossip about myself that I didn’t know.

It wasn’t true though. Alas, I am not in charge of programing at any television network. I’m pretty sure no one wants me deciding what is on television. I have a couple of scripts I wrote, but that is as close to ‘programing’ as I get.

After 20 minutes, head is tilted to help control sliding

Incidentally, the deal with my neighbor is that he was arrested a few months back but due to the pandemic he was sent home under house arrest. Apparently there was a hearing or something last week and he declined to show up so someone was sent to help him with his carpool needs. I have no idea what the details are, but I’m sure one of my neighbors will come up with details at some point.

But I let it all go as I relaxed. Then after twenty minutes I stood up and had to hustle to the bathroom. The mask, which wasn’t dripping with serum when I applied it, had dried significantly and was losing it’s will to stay on my face.

As I said I have been using these masks all week and this is the third application. This loss of cohesion seems to be a common theme. The foil packet remains smeared with serum but the mask holds only enough for use. Any extra serum has to be scavenged from the packet. Its as though the mask material rejects the serum. which is a shame, the serum itself is nice. I would not mind having it in a bottle to apply with a dropper. The mask material though does not seem to be as big a fan.

At the end of the week I am left with the same thoughts I had when I first tried the mask. It is nice, I’d use it again if it came my way, but it’s not worth the price. It didn’t stick to my face. I had no choice but to lay down so it wouldn’t slide off and quite frankly I’ve had $3 masks that are as good, if not better in terms of results. 111skin has several really nice products that very much are worth their hefty price tag. This just isn’t one of them.

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