Putting the Karity Picante Eyeshadow Palette to the test

The Karity Picante Palette was an eyeshadow palette that came into my dressing table via Boxycharm last spring.  I know you are thinking why did I not try it out then?  While I received it in the Spring and I believe the description featured comments about hot colors for summer, the palette and it’s color story more or less say fall to me. 

Every time I looked in and thought, ‘Oh spice for summer’ I remember opening it and thinking ‘nope those are autumnal shades.’ So I set it aside. 

And low and behold it is now October.  So, first a little bit about the palette according to the website…

Spice up your life!  We’ve hand-selected 21 perfectly pigmented shades in multiple finishes that are as warm as a summer night. Packed with hot, fiery shades sure to create endless looks, perfect for day to night. vegan, cruelty- and paraben-free

The palette retails for $29.  And yes even with the summer mentions in the descriptors I still think it skews more towards fall. I may be the only one, but as it is my eyelids it is going on, that’s when I wanted to use it. I think I pulled it out of the drawer at least five times this summer thinking I ought to use it, but always put it back because it just didn’t feel like summer.

Top row L to R (the first shade delia so closely matches my skin it is really hard to see)

I have to say it was an interesting palette to use.  All of the tones are red tones. Even the purples have a reddish undertone.  If you don’t look good in red than this palette isn’t for you.  I like rosy tones so I was okay with it.  The palette is a nice balance of mattes and shimmers.

Second row swatches go L to R (that is not bumps on my arms just the powdery nature of the shades.

The darker mattes are a little powdery.  Definitely tap off your brush before applying but still look out for a little fall out that you will have to brush away.  If I got crazy with some of the shades the sides of my nose looked bruised. If you tap though, the fall out is minimum except for the darker shades. 

Third row swatches L to R

The mattes tend to get a bit muddy if you try and layer them.  I think because so many of them have a similar tonal back note to the color, they all want to blend into one color.  This was less of a problem when layering mattes with shimmers as the shimmers didn’t blend into the mattes as much. They are sort of the life guards at the color pool. If you are color blocking with a line of shimmer between two mattes then you will have no problems, but blending them was hard for me as they all came out with slight variations.

The shimmers are a little patchy when applied with a dry brush but this is easily overcome by spritzing a little fixing spray on the brush or applying the shimmer with a finger.  The shimmers are also less powdery than the mattes so you don’t end up with a lot of glimmer trailing down the side of your nose.  They do tend to fade towards the end of the day and crease a little, but they don’t migrate.I will say that I could pair them with a single matte. The shimmers did tend to stand on their own rather than blend into each other or the mattes. They had much less of a tendency to muddy than the mattes did.

Where this palette shines is in the one and done look.  While the mattes tend to muddy a bit when mixing, if you take one color, dip into the pan and apply it on the outer edge of the eye and the use a clean fluffy brush to blend it over the rest of the lid, you can create some really good everyday looks. The colors have good pigment to them, they just like to stand alone.

To be honest I can see myself reaching for this palette quite often for a one and done look.  It is quick and easy to use in that capacity and the colors are stunning. Plus it is easy to flash it up with the shimmers. With a dry brush they aren’t very showy but if you dampen that brush they are quite stunning. It is one of those palettes where you could do a one and done look for the office and then pop a shimmer on at the end of the work day to glam it up for happy hour in a heartbeat.

If you are a makeup artist you may be able to do more complicated layered looks, but that my darlings is not really my strong suit. I may play around with wilder looks, but my strengths lie in the everyday looks department.  This palette does have the color and the ability to be worn in an everyday capacity.

Even though I received this in a subscription box, I have to say that having used it, I would purchase this Picante Palette from Karity on my own.  I like that it is vegan and cruelty free and I like that I can use the colors simply.  I won’t reach for it if I want to layer colors, but each pan can be used as a standalone so I don’t mind the muddied mixing.  It is just something to remember when I pull it out of the drawer.


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