Advent Calendars

I know some of you are thinking, ‘It’s October.  We haven’t gone through Halloween or Thanksgiving yet.’ (Well, US Thanksgiving anyway, I hope all my friends up north in Canada had a Fantastic Thanksgiving). 

I know, it seems a bit early for the holiday festivities, but Advent Calendars fall into a strange window of shopping times. 

For one thing generally you start opening them December first.  Well, at least in my house.  I know a lot of people get the calendars and open all the little doors and drawers at once.  That always feels a bit like cheating to me since the point is to get one little surprise each day.

Plus, I know a lot of people get advent calendars for friends and family as holiday gifts.  Many of them are perfect for those building a makeup collection or who want to try out a variety of skin care items. I have a couple I want to pick up and send so that they can be opened once a day starting December first so I’m in the order early category. 

And in addition to the regular holiday season, for my family this season is chock a block full of birthdays.  So September, generally kicks off my gift buying extravaganza. Or at least I start planning in September and procrastinate until October and then try to race to get everything picked up before Thanksgiving so that I can get it to where it needs to be.  At this time of year, me and the post office are friends.  They drop packages off, I often do some quick repackaging and then take it back to the post office to be sent on.

It’s a process.

I also wanted to put this post up a little earlier than I planned because some advent calendars have started selling out already and I wanted to let anyone reading know about them in time to maybe snatch up the ones they wanted before they sell out. This list is by no means exhaustive.  Every time I look around I see another advent calendar I didn’t know about cropping up.  These are just a few that caught my eye that I thought you might find interesting.

Okay, I picked the ones I found most interesting and am likely to purchase.

Some I will be getting as gifts for others, and some I am trying to justify splurging on for myself. I sort of have a game with those.  If I get all my holiday shopping done and still have money left over and the ones I like aren’t sold out, I can pick up one advent calendar for myself. Don’t get me wrong, there are way more that I actually want, in fact I kind of want all of the ones on the list, but I can only justify picking up one for myself each year. And it is an agonizing decision making process too as there are definitely several I really really want to buy this year.

So let’s start with a brief mention of the Advent Calendar that has already sold out.  This is the Look Fantastic Advent Calendar.  I know, so sad and I will not taunt you with details of its fabulocity. Although looking at the details you can see why it sold out quickly.  Luckily Look Fantastic has also released the 2020 Beauty Chest. I’ll list the details below with the other advent calendars (even though it isn’t actually one.  Luckily it has some of the same fantastic products inside. So The Beauty Chest will take the place of the Look Fantastic Advent Calender in the list below.

So the list…

Look Fantastic Beauty Chest: $130 with a $530 value. You can use the code  BCNEW to get $20 off the Beauty Chest when you purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month beauty box subscription.  I have to say this has consistently been one of my favorite subscriptions each month.  Brands in the Beauty Chest include : Kevyn Aucoin, Elemis, Eve Lom & many more. (I saw what looked like a full sized Elemis Marine Cream in the display of products which was really nice to see.)

Friends & Family Sale! Up to 30% Off Sitewide. Use code FAMILY

Glossy Box: This year’s Advent Calendar arrives as a beautiful Glossy pink and metallic gold box with a marble swirl design. Each product comes individually boxed. Filled with 26 beauty treats, this year’s limited edition collection is worth over $550 and will retail at $89 for subscribers and $99 for non-subscribers. It has 20 full size products and 6 deluxe minis from brands such as Iconic London, Wander Beauty, Tarte Cosmetics, Banila Co, Rodial, and even the newly launched GLOSSYBOX Skincare. From the image on the advert it looked as though one of the Iconic London Products was a full sized Palette.

Elemis: 25 Days of Spectacular Skin Advent Calendar – The Ultimate Countdown $250.00 with a retail value of $559.00. This festive season reawaken your sense of wonder with the ultimate spectacle in beauty advent. Welcome to twenty-five days of the finest scientific innovation for face and body. Packed with our award-winning superstars, it’s pure skincare theatre.

Shop Now!

You know I love Elemis products and I have to admit, I have been stalking this website since the calendar information was released.  I love that they list all of the products and let you know the size of each so you can decide.

Contents: Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 50ml Full Size,Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Masks (1=1), Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm 20g + Cleansing Cloth, Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal 5ml, Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream 15ml, Pro-Collagen Marine Oil 5ml, ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Complex⋅12 Serum 4ml, Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash 30ml, Dynamic Resurfacing Pads 14 pads, NEW Peptide4 Overnight Radiance Peel 10ml, Peptide4 Plumping Pillow Facial 15ml, Peptide4 Adaptive Day Cream 15ml, Peptide4 Thousand Flower Mask 15ml, Superfood Vital Veggie Mask 15ml, Superfood Blackcurrant Jelly, Exfoliator 15ml, Superfood Day Cream 20ml, Superfood Night Cream 20ml, Superfood CICA Calm Hydration Juice 20ml,Soothing Apricot Toner 50ml, Papaya Enzyme Peel 15ml, Herbal Lavender Repair Mask 15ml, Frangipani Monoi Body Oil 35ml, Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream 50ml, Frangipani Monoi Body Cream 50ml, Sea Lavender & Samphire Body Cream 50ml

Elemis Website

Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream

Transform your bathing routine by enveloping your body in this truly luxurious wash. Th… [More]

Price: $40.00

Several of those items are staples in my skin care drawer and others are on my list of things I really want to try out.  In general I have had fantastic luck with the Superfood line of products and I highly recommend the Dynamic Resurfacing pads.

The next item on the list is not strictly an advent calendar. Benefit does have an advent Calendar this year, but in all fairness I think the Benefit Holiday sets are a much better deal. You can follow the links and get to the advent calendar as well, but I was very impressed with the holiday sets and thought them more appealing They have several to choose from.

  • Your B. Right to Party skincare & brow care holiday value set for only $44 – a $90 value
  • BADgal to the Bone face & eye holiday value set for only $30 – a $68 value!
  • Cheers My Dears! holiday value set for only $50 – a $112 value!
  • Party Curl eyes, brows & face holiday value set for only $40 – a $93 value!
  • Cheers My Dears! holiday value set for only $50 – a $111 value!
  • Beauty Thrills eyes, brows & face mini holiday value set for only $20 – a $40 value!
  • BYOB: Bring Your Own Beauty eyes, brows & face holiday value set for only $40 – a $92 value!

As Bad Gal Bang remains one of my favorite mascaras I have to say I am drawn to the Bad Gal to the Bone value set. Which as the mascara is $35 on its own seems like a very good deal.

NYX – Has two advent calendars out this year – the 24-Day Holiday Countdown  available for $55 and the 12-Day Lipstick Countdown, Available for $40. Anyone who has read this knows that I am leaning towards the lipstick countdown.  I really like the NYX formula on their lip products and am always looking for new lip products. 

In addition I am sadly going to have to part with a few of my lippies before new years and will be looking for replacements. I do have at least one person on my list who is just starting to play with makeup (young teen) and as I generally find NYX cosmetics to be reliably good (I am currently loving the Bare with Me Tinted Skin Veil) and I know she likes NYX the few NYX products she has tried I will probably be picking up the Holiday Countdown Calendar for her as well.

E.L.F.: The E.L.F Tastic 12 day advent Calendar is a $55 value for $45 and includes the best sellers Includes our best-sellers, Poreless Putty Primer, Ride or Die Lip Balm, Bite-size Eyeshadow and Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow there is Free Shipping on orders of $15 or more and with each $25 or more purchases there is a free gift.  I have both the Poreless putty Primer and two of the Bite sized palettes in my dressing table and I highly recommend both.

While liquid eyeshadow is only an occasional thing for me, the Ride or Die Lip balm is on my list of things to order from E.L.F. this year.  I am ordering several of the Bite sized palettes and lip tints for stocking stuffers and figured I would just add it onto the list.  I will more than likely add on the advent calendar as well once I start placing my orders. While I have included the link to the site here, be forewarned if you just google this, there is an ELF Advent Calendar that is associated with the Will Ferrell Movie ELF that will also come up. So look before you click. And yes I did click on the first one I saw and then thought “When did will Ferrell start advertising makeup?” Yeah there are days, right?

Revolution: Advent Calendar was $70, but is currently on sale for $55. Get ready for the Revolution Beauty 2020 Advent Calendar! Featuring 25 exclusive makeup products and accessories… behind each door you’ll find a Revolution favourite, an exclusive shade or maybe something completely new which no one else had! With 25 doors of joy, this advent calendar to gift yourself or someone else for the perfect countdown to Christmas

SPOILER ALERT… This set includes:  1. Exclusive matte lipstick, 2. Exclusive matte lipstick, 3. Exclusive jelly gloss, 4. Exclusive jelly gloss, 5. Exclusive lip gloss, 6. Exclusive lip gloss, 7. Exclusive lip liner, 8. Exclusive cream eyeshadow, 9. Exclusive cream eyeshadow, 10. New scrunchie, 11. Exclusive pressed highlighter, 12. Exclusive pressed blusher, 13. Exclusive pressed baking powder, 14. Exclusive brow crayon, 15. Exclusive brow pencil, 16. Exclusive clear brow gel. 17. Exclusive eye liner pencil, 18. Exclusive eye primer, 19. Exclusive make up brush, 20. Exclusive make up brush, 21. Exclusive make up brush, 22. Exclusive make up brush, 23. Exclusive mirror, 24. Exclusive 7 pan shadow palette, 25. Exclusive reloaded palette

Many of the items look to be full sized and I love the fact that not only do you get a full face of makeup, but you get brushes with the products. I honestly haven’t heard a lot about this calendar this year, but what I have seen makes me want to investigate further.

Molton Brown Advent Calendar – $250.00 WORTH $324 – Celebrate in style this year and count down to the joyful Christmas day with our sensational luxury advent calendar, filled with intriguing fragrances, bathing classics and much more. Inspired by the liberating glamour of the Roaring Twenties, this elegant calendar shimmers with holographic foil to evoke a 1920s chandelier. With a striking new design, it’s secured by a hidden magnet and opens from the side to reveal your 24 stellar indulgences.

Includes: Day 1: Vintage With Elderflower Festive Bauble 2.5fl oz, Day 2: Vintage With Elderflower Body Lotion 1.7fl oz, Day 3: Jasmine & Sun Rose Exquisite Bathing Oil 1.5fl oz, Day 4: Vintage With Elderflower Eau de Toilette 0.2fl oz, Day 5: Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Hand Cream 1.4fl oz, Day 6: Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Bath Salts 25g, Day 7: Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Fine Liquid Hand Wash 1.7fl oz, Day 8: Geranium Nefertum Bath & Shower Gel 1.7fl oz, Day 9: Muddled Plum Eau de Toilette 0.2fl oz, Day 10: Orange & Bergamot Radiant Body Oil 1.5fl oz, Day 11: Orange & Bergamot Hand Cream 1.4fl oz, Day 12: Heavenly Gingerlily Bath & Shower Gel 1.7fl oz, Day 13: Heavenly Gingerlily Body Lotion 1.7fl oz, Day 14: Muddled Plum Festive Bauble 2.5fl oz, Day 15: Vitamin Lipsaver 0.3fl oz, Day 16: Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Festive Bauble 2.5fl oz, Day 17: Volumising Shampoo With Kumudu 1.7fl oz, Day 18: Volumising Conditioner With Kumudu 1.7fl oz, Day 19: Fiery Pink Pepper Hand Cream 1.4fl oz, Day 20: Jasmine & Sun Rose Bath & Shower Gel 1.7fl oz, Day 21: Anti-fatigue Bai Ji Eye Gel 0.5fl oz, Day 22: Heavenly Gingerlily Caressing Body Oil 1.5fl oz, Day 23: Fiery Pink Pepper Festive Bauble 2.5fl oz, Day 24: Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel Eau de Toilette 0.2fl oz

Molton Brown Website

This is another Advent Calendar I have been sort of on line stalking since its release was announced. Not only is it gorgeous but I absolutely adore their shower gels. I keep promising myself I am going to pick up the bath gel sampler pack so I can make a list of the scents I like, but then I just go on the site and reorder the Rhubarb and Rose every time.

Seriously, Every Time.

It is sweet but tart, the rhubarb really balancing out the rose so it isn’t overly floral and cloying. It is one of my top bath time products. I have never tried out any of their shampoos or conditioners and keep meaning to try them out as well. This advent calendar looks like a fantastic way to try out a lot of their products from different lines. This is actually one of the contenders for the calendar I want to buy once my holiday (and birthday) gift buying extravaganza is complete.

For now I think I am going to end this advent calendar post. More because it is getting rather long than because I ran out of Advent Calendars. I’m sure in the next few weeks I will find more that I just feel have to be mentioned and as we get closer to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales more and more holiday shopping themed posts will appear. Hopefully you will find them useful when you go to do your own shopping, whether it’s for yourself or someone special on your list.

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