The Daily: October 19th, 2020

Today was one of those beautiful fall days. Sun shining, air slightly crisp but not cold, humidity low. Everyone and their dog was at the walking trail today. Especially if they had dogs. I have to admit, I felt a little bad for the dogs.

The weather was fine enough to bring out a bunch of disc golfers to the course that criss crosses the walking trail. Discs were flying through the air and you could see the eyes of every single dog follow their arcs.

The words “Not your Frisbee,” came out of nearly every dog owners mouth more times than I could count. When one disc landed in the creek that runs parallel to the trail one lovely Newfoundland (maybe a year or two old at best) decided he just couldn’t take it any more. There was a cry of “Bernie, No” as a large black mound of fur sprinted past me and took a gleeful, flying leap into the water.

I was luckily out of the splash zone. The disc golfers were happy to have him retrieve it. Less happy when he returned to shore and they realized Bernie had no intention of giving it back. I walked on as Bernie created mayhem.

I have no idea who won, but I seriously hope it is Bernie.

So I got my walk in, plus a pretty good laugh. Overall, not too bad for a Monday.

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