The Daily: October 21st, 2020

Good afternoon my darlings and I hope you have had a good one. I have to admit, while the sun is shining and the weather is lovely, I have made it no where near the walking trail today. I had plans to, I really did. I was o pleased at being on track.

Then I got a phone call.Family is passing through my neck of the woods tomorrow/ Well not the whole family, just one person. I think it might be work related. There was not a lot of eagerness when talking about the unexpected road trip.

There also wasn’t a lot of pre-planning.

I’m sure I will get the details tomorrow. While a lot of planning didn’t go into it, there will be a brief stop over where travel coffee mugs will be filled, legs stretched, bathrooms used and packages no one wanted to risk shipping will be left. As my babydoll and I have been working from him, have no children, limit our exposure to the outside to once a month grocery shopping and the local walking trail, we are one of the safer houses to stop in. I think other family along the way are getting early holiday packages dropped off on back porches.

So I did a little early shopping, packed and wrapped some birthday presents and a few early christmas gifts. Then I cleaned the house, making sure the guest bathroom is spotless and every surface is disinfected, cleaned off the back porch so visiting can happen in the wide open out doors of the back yard and made a pound cake.

It will probably be the strangest family visit I have ever had. But as the last time i saw any of my family was last Christmas it will be a nice, if flying, visit. I also suspect due to masks, after the packages are exchanged and the restroom visited, the cake and coffee will be taken to go. Hence the reason I went with pound cake instead of something else. It wasn’t my actual plan for the day but as this is the first time I’ve gotten to sit down in several hours, I think it might actually be considered my exercise for the day. Plus, I feel strangely productive, even though the rest of the week will probably be spent making up the time i used for other things today. I’m not worried though. On most of my current projects I am actually ahead of schedule and I have a ways until my next deadline. And now I’m off to calculate how many calories are in my pound cake recipe to determine how big a slice I can actually eat. I really hope its a big one. Can you count pound cake as a meal?

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