Treating my tootsies with e-cooking’s overnight Foot Cream

e-cooking’s overnight foot cream in its natural habitat – the night stand

I will be the first to admit that I put my feet through a lot. Not only do they support me through every activity, but I walk them nearly to death in my quest to lose weight. My main exercise, especially since I stopped going to the gym, has been walking. although truth be told even regular exercise inside the house, whether it is a work out video, wii fit or even just stripping down the beds so the sheets can be washed, my feet carry me through.

And I often forget this.

Usually a blister of some sort causes me to take notice of my feet and at that point I realize that I have very badly neglected them and begin a routine designed to make it up to them. (Then of course I slack off until I realize that I’m going to be wearing shoes that display my feet or another blister appears and the process begins again).

Because so many body creams are simply not designed for feet, I generally find one product that works and keep buying it. Quite a few years ago I picked up a Soap & Glory Foot cream that worked well and so I kept buying it. It is also what I use to compare newer products that I have tried. Thus far, nothing has displaced it as my go to foot cream.

inner lid

However when the e-cooking Overnight Foot Cream came in my October Look Fantastic Beauty Box, I was cautiously excited. I’ve tried other e-cooking products and found them to be really good. They seem to be one of those brands no one really talks about, but very quietly, competently and consistently puts out really good products. They are like the range of products you either know about and look for, or they float past your radar without making a blip on the screen.

At least that has been my experience. Maybe someone else gets bombarded with ads for them, but it sure isn’t me. Although my metrics for internet searches is kind of messed up. I do a lot of research for fiction writing. A couple of months ago I was researching a few things for a murder mystery and the computer just kept sending me boatloads of ads for criminal lawyers.

I think it was trying to help me.

But that is beside the point.

Foot cream is the point.

the product (after 2 weeks of use)

So, to the foot cream. The sample of the Overnight Foot Cream comes in a lovely glass jar with a nice simple label. I find it quite attractive actually. I really like that it has the inner lid on it as well. But as attractive as it is, it is what is inside that counts. So according to the product page…

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your sandals are if your feet aren’t well-cared-for. This is why we have developed a night cream that removes hard skin and moisturises the skin at the same time. The Overnight Foot Cream has a cooling antibacterial effect that protects against infections and has a lovely, fresh aroma of natural Eucalyptus.

The Overnight Foot Cream is created to work its magic whilst you sleep.

Ecooking’s Overnight Foot Cream also contains:

  • 15% Natural Carbamide (urea) improves hydration and treats dryness. It also has an anti-microbial effect.
  • Natural Lactic Acid – from the AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) family – exfoliates and removes dead skin cells whilst boosting collagen production.
  • Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil increases blood circulation, leaving a fresh aroma and slight cooling sensation on the skin.
  • Natural Sodium PCA to improve the skin’s ability to absorb moisture.
  • Natural Menthol cools the skin.
  • Organic Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil moisturises the skin.
  • Natural Panthenol improves hydration.
  • Dermasoft Decalact acts as an active anti-microbial.
  • Organic Almond Oil softens and nourishes the skin.
  • Organic Glycerin keeps the skin moist.

Vegan and dermatologically tested.

Okay that’s a lot, but essentially it means that the cream is supposed to provide intense moisture to dry and calloused feet as well as killing microbes. I can get behind that. I would also like to say that while I like the little jar and think it is very lovely, the one issue I had with it was scooping the cream out as I tended to get too much in one sitting. The full sized version? Yeah, it has a pump so it isn’t a problem.

The product it semf smells of menthol. I am not a huge fan of the scent, but it goes on my feet, then I put socks on so after application, there is no issue with scent from me. And to be fair, because I associate mentol with Vicks Vapor Rub it felt like I was giving my fet something medicinal.

After one night, I could see a softening of the calluses and moisture returning to the dry spots. It wasn;t a miracle cream, but there was moisture overnight. After a week of steady use, there was no dryness in general and my calluses were much softened. While my feet will never be fabulously lovely and baby bottom smooth, after all the abuse I heaped on them this summer, they needed some care before the winter dryness set in.

Because that is their real enemy.

The calluses I can deal with and I can even live with the few dry patches, however once the winter sets in, dry callus tends to crack and crack painfully if something isn’t done about it. hile not an overnight miracle worker, with consistent use, this is a really good product. To be honest, it works as well, if not better than, the Soap & Glory Cream which is my standard for comparison. In addition, the ingredients are ones I feel more comfortable with putting on my skin. It is a more expensive cream at $38 per bottle, but as the trial sized 30 mL jar is still more than half full after two weeks of use, I think the 100 mL full sized bottle would get me completely through the winter. It is a good product, with good ingredients and I would have no problem repurchasing this Overnight Foot Cream from e-cooking.


2 thoughts on “Treating my tootsies with e-cooking’s overnight Foot Cream

  1. Awesome review! This is the best foot cream I’ve tried. It’s definitely part of my skincare routine now. The price at several online beauty suppliers like, Nicebeauty is around €23.00. There are several shops that don’t charge the full price of €33.00.
    I used to have a big problem with calluses until I discovered @beautypro Foot & Callus Peel. It takes 5-7 day until it works its magic. After this period the calluses skin peels off like crazy. I couldn’t believe it when I used it the first time. My feed never looked & felt better. I’m saving a lot of $$$$$ for a professional pedicure now. I just use the Beautypro peel every 3-4 month. You need to try it!


    1. Thanks for the info! I will definitely look into the beauty pro foot and callus Peel (as well as discounts) e-cooking is such a good brand I wish people talked about it more. the foot cream is now a staple in my house as well.


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