The Daily: October 22nd, 2020

I know today’s daily post is a little earlier than usual, but with the arrival of company imminent I’m not sure when i will get back to the computer. I have to say, I usually don’t stress this badly when people come to visit. Normally i look on it as an opportunity to try a recipe that I haven’t used in a while and to have fun with people I like.

Entertaining is usually fun at my place.

This time around, even though it is going to be a short visit I am disinfecting surfaces and stationing hand sanitizer in strategic locations like it is the boy in the bubble visiting for his first trip out of the bubble. It is less preparing for visitors than it is bracing to provide a non contaminated waystation. I’ve made several passes through the house, even areas I know no one will be visiting because I’m sure there is some surface that has not been clorox-ed to death.

I’m wearing the scent of bleach like a perfume at this point.

I seriously did not think it would be this stressful.

I think it is just the anticipation. The pre planning and the fact that I wasn’t given a lot of time to prepare. Although who knows, more time might have just driven me bonkers. I’m sure once the car pulls into the drive everything will be fine. It’s just the before that has me tangled up. I’ll be fine though. All will be well. I’ll be sane again tomorrow.

Well, at least back to my normal level of insanity.

For now, I’m going to double check the hand sanitizer.

And when the car pulls back out of the driveway again, I’m going on a really long walk in the sunshine.

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