The Daily: October 26th, 2020

Don’t you love those days when the weather man tells you there will be no rain but the clouds remain low and the air feels saturated? Technically he is right, there is no rain, but the air feels damp enough to wring and there are swarms of midges in the shadows.

I went on my walk today, but it was like swimming with my clothes on. Not a pleasant feeling. But I got my walk in. There was leftover pound cake this weekend but at least the lion’s share went to my baby doll. He claimed that he was jumping on it so that I would not be inflicted with the calories, but I’m pretty sure it was an excuse.

But I still appreciate it.

Since starting to diet I don’t bake nearly as much as I used to and generally I just bake sandwich bread instead of cakes and sweets. As a consolation I told my baby doll I would make cinnamon rolls for thanksgiving morning since we aren’t going anywhere this year. He has been ticking off the days like a count down.Homemade cinnamon rolls are one of his weaknesses. Mine too if I am honest. They are really hard to resist when straight from the oven and newly covered with icing. which is why I have to be careful with them. Last year I made them for his birthday morning (Early January) and I haven’t made them since so it is time.

Despite the high humidity today, cooler weather has started easing in and the heavier comfort foods are starting to look awfully tempting. I have always had a problem eating salads in the winter. Not only do cold salads not seem appealing, but I grew up with gardeners, like hard core gardeners and there comes a point where a salad in the winter just seems wrong as something in the back of my brain says ‘this should not be here’.

I know we live in a time where virtually any food could be gotten at virtually any time, but butter lettuce in the winter seems wrong. So the last of the salad is being eaten this week and next week we move into the winter diet. Spaghetti squash, Acorn and delicata squashes will all abound.Three bean salad will arrive and Soups will dominate the culinary landscape. I love soups and broths over the winter months.

Next weekend I will be making my first bulk batch of soup and dividing it into individual lunch sized portions. Most of it will go into the freezer to be taken out as needed. This is the last week of the warm weather diet though (Mostly because we still have salad greens in the fridge to use up, and then we are off to the warm and filling, yet surprisingly low cal winter fare. Normally we would have started this at the end of September, but it is just now getting to be cold enough to think about making a cauldron of soup. But for now I am off to the showers. I tried to use the dry shampoo to get through the rest of the day, but alas, the dry shampoo is just not cutting it. I did a quick rinse down when I returned but it was just not enough, so full shower, here I come. Then later tonight we continue out pre halloween week of films with Nosferatu. deliciously spooky.


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