Well this takes the cake… the Cake Milk Made that is.

I forget which subscription box this Cake Milk Made Totally to Die For indulgent body milk cream came in, but recently I pulled it out of my box of creams and lotions.  At the moment it looks like I am stockpiling them.  At least the deluxe sample sizes.  I have two full sized tubes of body lotion that I have been working through and so I just kept putting the smaller tubes and jars in a box to get to when I finished them. 

Finally, I decided that it was time to start using the sample sizes up.  Mostly because with the last addition (the Barefoot Goddess from October’s IPSY box) the lid no longer fit on the box I was storing them in. So I picked out a few to pass on since I tried them before and then chose one randomly from the box. 

The current trial was the Cake Milk Made Totally-to-die-for Indulgent Body Milk Cream. To be honest, I didn’t have terribly high hopes for it.  According to the product page…

Infused with candied oat milk concentrate and soothing marshmallow root extract, our beloved formula is equally rich and fluffy. Slowly whipped to create a uniquely weightless texture, this beautifying formula glides across your skin effortlessly, sinks in seamlessly and leaves a smooth and supple finish, without the harsh chemicals. Enjoy our iconic scent of candied milk cake for the ultimate birthday-party-nostalgia.

I expected a sweet vaguely vanilla scented product.  And given the cute name, I didn’t have high hopes for a lot of skin nourishment either.  I was vaguely relieved that it was a sample size and therefore wouldn’t last long if I used it on my entire body after my bath. (And it didn’t last long, I got three uses from the tube).

However I was very wrong about the product. 

I’ll admit, I jusdged a book by its cover. Or at least a body lotion from its overly cute name.

While it does smell like icing, it isn’t cloyingly sweet and the scent is more complex than just vanilla.  I really enjoyed the scent actually which with the ‘cake/icing’ scented lotions is kind of rare for me. 

And you know what else?  I also like the way it felt on my skin.  This was a bit more of a surprise actually. 

It looks thick, but melts into skin beautifully

Despite the fact that the description states that it is a whipped formula, when it comes out of the tube it feels really thick.  I was expecting it to sit heavy on the skin.  It did not.  It melted into the skin surprisingly well and did not leave my skin at all greasy.  My skin felt nourished and moisturized.

The ‘candied cream’ scent of the cream faded pretty quickly, but the softness remained. I was really impressed with this cream.  According to the site it was once sold in a jar and is now sold in a tube.  I like this as it makes it easy to measure out the amount of cream used and to keep it fresher.  While I have been through quite a few creams lately, this is one I would actually consider repurchasing.  I really enjoyed it.  The fact that it is $8.99 for a 200 mL tube isn’t a bad thing either. Having used it before I checked the price I expected it to be more expensive (between $12-$16 actually so not super pricey but up there).

I think this is one of those things that the pandemic is teaching me.  When Corona arrived I had assorted lotions and hand creams.  Some I liked better than others, but I didn’t give it a lot of thought.  Then the war to overcome the dryness of the the hand sanitizer began and lotion became more important. 

Suddenly, okay didn’t make the cut. 

I’ve had some rather expensive lotions that did well and others that didn’t.  I’ve had the same luck with the less expensive ones.  Interestingly, price hasn’t been a determining factor. There has been no consistent sweet spot with prices.  This $8.99 Cake Milk Made Totally-to-die-for Indulgent Body Milk Cream performed better than several creams that cost more than double the price. I am really glad I pulled this out of my box of lotions.  I can definitely see a full sized bottle making an appearance in my skin care regime as soon as I work my way through a few more of the samples (which despite the number of them shouldn’t be too long actually given their size).  Meanwhile, I am actually excited to see what other treasures (or flops) lurk in my sample’s box. Who knows what I’ll uncover next.

For those doing a bit of shopping Erno Lazlo just launched some holiday scents. If you have any skin care junkies on your list, you might want to check it out. Personally I like the under eye masks and the original black soap.

Exclusive Holiday sets for everyone on your list!

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