The Daily: October 29th, 2020

And so the rain continues. I cut my calories down and decided that today was just the perfect day to plow through as much desk work as possible. My babydoll ran to the office this morning but turned right around again when several overflowing creeks cause the roads to his office building to be closed down and impassable.

So I’ve been diligently working at one end of the house while he has worked in the other. I also took the opportunity for some skin care. I slathered the last of my e-cooking foot cream on my feet (there wasn’t much left) and pulled on a pair of heavy socks and I applied the Vichy Quenching Mineral mask on my face and let it sit.

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Do you know Vichy is now available at Walgreens? When I went on my elf hunt (the foundation hunt, I was not in fact hunting elves.) they had an entire shelf of it. That and La Roche-Posay. I knew they carried the La Roche-Posay cleanser now and again but they now have a whole bunch of products. I was very pleased to see it and will be returning soon.

But for today it was the Vichy Mineral mask at my desk while I worked. I think my favorite thing about that mask is that you don’t wash it off.

You apply a layer and let it just absorb in so once you put it on you can forget about it. It’s why I generally use it at night (you don’t want to put makeup on over it) but I figured I wasn’t going anywhere today so I went for it. That’s right, Hair pulled back, shiney faced at the desk masking. Sure it is taking advantage of a rainy day but why not? As you can see from the photo while I have no makeup on and my face looks very shiny…oh so super shiny… If I had to get up and answer the door, I wouldn’t look absolutely crazy.

Trust me I have frightened some Jehovah’s Witnesses with some of my mud masks before. And there was a child selling magazine subscriptions last year who I am certain I traumatized with the Bliss Mighty Marshmallow Mask. Right now it is people still trying to convince others to vote for their candidate who are circling around. As I already voted, I am a wasted effort, but they still pop round. The Vichy mask is much less frightening when seen unexpectedly. Plus if I have to unexpectedly pop on my face mask there won’t be dried clay flakes all over it. Just another reason to love the mask.

So even though I am not working out today, I am watching my calories and doing something good for myself. Most noticeably my feet and face. Although I will be using the Crest White strips in a few minutes so I guess teeth are included in the cold and rainy self-care regime today. And now I am going to take my soft little tootsies, my shiny, shiny face, and soon to be brightened teeth and get back to work. Cause this is pretty much me until dinner time. I hope if the weather is wet and nasty where you are, you find a way to make the best of it as well. And yes, I am crossing my fingers that two days of inactivity don’t burn me on the scale tomorrow morning. I am trusting the calorie count to see me through. Please don’t let all of my math be in vain!

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