The Empties of October

The Empties Bin

Welcome once again to the Empties bin. It is an interesting mix of products this month, some good some not so fabulous.  So let’s jump right in, shall we?

First up, is the First Aid Beauty Facial radiance Pads. I have to say, I was not a fan.  After using them my face felt sticky from the serum in the pads and the pads themselves were over saturated.  I know it is meant to ensure they don’t dry out before you use them, but for everyday use, I am not going to keep them stocked. 

I will say they did work well.  My skin looked quite lovely while using them and despite the fact that they felt sticky, my skin did like them.  I think I would pick up a small size a month before an important event and then use them to ensure my skin looked its best for the event, but I would not keep them around.  I just can’t see myself using them every day. If I were going to go with pre-moistened toner pads I’d lean toward the Elemis resurfacing pads.

I actually fared better with the First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Cream.  I very much enjoyed using this sample of the moisturizer and have put a full sized version on my list of products to try out a full version of in the near future.  Also on that list is the Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Cream from Banila Co (currently it is on sale at the Banila Co site if you are interested.)  I very much enjoyed this moisturizer and will be picking up a full sized version to try out soon.

I can’t say I had the best experience with the other two moisturizer samples in my empties bin this month. While I generally like Korres products, the Nourishing Probiotic Gel-cream was not for me.  The texture of the cream was fine and lightweight but I just could not get past the scent.  Oddly enough I like the same scent in the mask from Korres Probiotic line, but I do keep that mask in the fridge.  I think this is a scent that my brain just wants to associate with the cold.  When it is warm, I just don’t like it. So no full size of this for me.  I will stick to other Korres products ( I love their pomegranate line as everything I have tried in the line works well with my skin and doesn’t confound my nose).

The last moisturizer had barely three days worth of product in the tube, but that was enough to let me know I did not like it.  It was the Goldfaden, MD Detox Hydrating Gel.  This is one of those brands that always sounds good but somehow always manages to fall short for me.  I have the full review to post this afternoon so I won’t add too much here, but I was not a fan and will not be purchasing a full size to try out.

I had two cleansers in my empties bin this month.  The first was from OSEA and is the Ocean Cleanser.  It smells like a Sonic limeade which always amuses me and works fantastically well on my skin.  I’ve bought it a number of times before and will continue to purchase it later in the future. It is a pricy, but good cleanser if you are looking for a splurge product.

The Codex BeautyBia Exfoliating Wash worked well and was a very nice gentle exfoliant that I could actually use on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, I did not like the scent.  To be honest, that is the only thing wrong with it.  I really hate to put that in the no longer purchasing category solely on scent, but I know myself well enough to know that even though it is a great product, I wouldn’t use it because of the scent if I purchased it. It smells too  much like castor oil for me to enjoy.

I can feel good about adding the Tula Skincare Glow and Get it calming and brightening eye cream to my do not repurchase list. It was pretty and I like the thought of eye cream in a stick, but it clogged my pores really badly.  I just ended up with semi-circles of bumps along the path of application.  It looked like I was thinking of dressing like one of the aliens from Star Trek (Cardassians I believe were the ones with the under eye ridges although I may be mixing my aliens up).  It was not a good look for me.  So no repurchasing of this product in my future.

I finished out the Polaar Sunscreen this month and I have to say, this is one I would pick up again.  I wasn’t a huge fan of it on my face as it felt a little heavy, but it was perfect on my neck and chest.  And truthfully it is only a little heavier than the Volition Sunscreen.  It comes in a very close second and if I didn’t have the Volition to compare it to, I would probably not have thought it was heavy on the skin.  As it was, I adored using it on my neck and upper chest.  Many of my walking shirts have a v- neck or a scooped neck and my upper chest takes a beating if I don’t cover it with sunscreen and this was perfect for that.  No clogged pores and fantastic coverage. I actually have a Polaar day cream to try out in the sample moisturizers section of my skin care drawer and after using this I have high hopes for it.

From the face we move into the skin care for the body.  I had one empty sample sized body wash this month and it is the Mio Sundrenched Body wash. (currently this is on sale on the Look Fantastic Website and in the Skin Store, the link will take you to the look fantastic site and the sale). I really liked the body wash as it lathered well and rinsed clean without leaving any soapy residue.  It smells like a creamsicle. I like the scent but I found myself liking the scent more in the morning than in the evening.  It seems more of a walk up scent than a going to bed one. 

I don’t mind having two separate body washes so I will probably end up picking this one up again.  I should also say that I have actually repurchased this one as a gift.  My brother has been looking for a nice body wash and I think the scent will suit him. He doesn’t like the ‘girly perfumed’ washes and he doesn’t like the ‘manly perfumed’ scents so he often gets kid’s body wash, and then complains that it doesn’t work as well on his adult skin as he would like and that people laugh at the plastic dinosaur head on top of his body wash. So this should be a nice alternative.  Hopefully this one will work for him.  I’ll let you know.

I had two body lotions that I went through this month,  One is the Cake Milk Made totally to Die For indulgent body milk cream and the other it the Barefoot Venus Vanilla Effect Instant hand Repair. The Cake cream I will be repurchasing.  I loved the scent and the way it absorbed into my skin.  It was surprisingly a lot better than I thought it was going to be.  I know I shouldn’t judge a hand cream by its cutesy name. The Cake Beauty will be repurchased.

The Barefoot Venus will not.  It is too cloyingly sweet vanilla and takes a while to absorb.   I ended up using it just at night so that I could let it absorb over night and that worked really well, but if it is a hand cream that I am using because I am washing my hands so much and using so much hand sanitizer, I shouldn’t want to wash my hands after applying the hand cream.  With this I kind of did.  It worked well just using it at night though so if you are looking for an overnight lotion for your hands, this might suit you.  The scent is too sweet for me and when I used it at night my baby doll kept asking if I was bringing candy to bed. While not a bad thing to dream off, I probably won’t pick up a full sized bottle as I will with the Cake Milk Made.

I also managed to finish the e-cooking Overnight foot cream.  This is one of those products that worked so well it over came my dislike of scent.  It smells like Vick’s Vapor rub. There is no getting around that and you either love the scent or hate it.  We are a house divided on that.  My Baby doll loves the scent (as does my mother actually, the bonded over it) I can not stand the scent.  However it is on my feet and I pull socks on over the creamed feet so the scent isn’t that strong. And quite frankly the cream works well enough that I don’t care about the scent and will be purchasing more because scent or not, I will use this.  I worked fantastically well on my dry heels.  They will never be baby smooth, I walk far too much for that, but they are no longer cracked and heading into painful territory as winter dries them out.  I am a big fan of this even though I don’t like the scent.  Even my nose will adjust when it has to.

I finished up three masks this month.  It should be no surprise that all three of them are clay masks.  And all three are on my repurchase list.  The first it the Bliss Pore Patrol Deep Detox four clay soufflé mask.  This worked wonders  when my skin needed a good clear out.  My skin really liked it and I really liked the dispenser.  I thought it would get clogged, but as long as I wiped down the nozzle at the top it worked well.  I have a long list of Bliss products I like as I have been purchasing from the brand for years.  This is another one I will add to the list. 

The Generation Clay detoxifying Charcoal Clay mask is another I will be adding to my repurchase list.  It isn’t surprising as every other Generation Clay mask has made my repeatedly repurchase list. This one I found I could not only use as a general mask, but I could sort of spot treat, especially along the line of breakouts caused by wearing my face mask.  It worked really well in stripes across those new break out areas.  In fact I tended to use it whenever I came home from wearing my mask out.  I would come home, take off the mask, wash my face and apply the mask on those areas I knew would break out.  It was sort of a preemptive strike against maskne and worked really well. It also used the small tube up pretty quickly.  This is a definite repurchase.

The third mask was the Cottage Greenhouse Orange Blossom and Honey mask.  It smells utterly delicious and worked really well.  It was a pleasure to wear because of the scent and when I rinsed it off, my skin always felt smooth and clean.  I really liked the way my skin felt and I will be using this again.

Those of you following my daily posts may recall I started trying out a Native Deodorant this month.  Prior the Dove advanced Care invisible was my go to deodorant.  It never stained my clothes, it smelled nice but not overpowering and more importantly, I could wear it through the most brutal workouts without any fear of any sort of problem. I really like this deodorant. And I will be buying it in the future.  I like the Native deodorant and will shortly be doing a review on it, but that doesn’t preclude me liking this as well.  When I know I am going to be working out and sweating like crazy, Dove is still my go to.

And now we come to the makeup items.  And surprise, there are a few this month.  The first is the e.l.f. Tinted moisturizer.  Sadly this is a discontinued product, because I would have repurchased this repeatedly.  Alas I cannot. I did find an excellent e.l.f. replacement, but this cannot return simply because it no longer exists. 

Also not returning in is the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer.  As a primer it was okay but it was a little too hydrating for me.  It didn’t really do much in terms of locking the makeup in and I quite frankly just wasn’t impressed.  Perhaps it would work better if I had drier skin, but I do not, so I will not be repurchasing this in the future.

And finally we come to the mascara.  There were three In my Empties bin this month.  They are the Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara, the Bad Gal Bang from Benefit, and the Harvest Lengthening mascara. The only one I will be repurchasing is the Bad Gal Bang.  I adore this mascara.  The Doucce just sort of fell flat for me and the Harvest started off strong but smelled strange and flaked halfway through the day.  So Benefit yes, the other two not returning.

I am always surprised by the number of products I actually manage to empty in a month.  I always think, I didn’t use that much up, and then I find I did.  I think it is mostly because I have concentrated on using up some of my samples.  As it is a trend I plan to continue for the next month or two, I’m sure it will mean the November and December Empties bins will be just as full. Personally, I like going through everything at the end of the month as it gives me a better idea of what I really want to repurchase and what was, sadly, forgettable. I hope you enjoyed it too.

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