November 2020 Glossy Box Unboxing

The first of the November Beauty Box subscriptions has arrived! Is anyone surprised it is Glossy Box?  Not me, they are very on the ball with the shipping. At least for me they always seem to come in early. and for some reason it is the one package that never seems to arrive looking like the posten used it for an impromptu game of soccer. Maybe they sense the sturdy box inside and realize it will defeat their efforts to cause shipping damage. Because let’s face it, this is a sturdy box that is meant to be reused and not busted up in transit. Currently several of my most recent Glossy Boxes are waiting to be used in shipping Christmas and Birthday presents.

As much as I have loved the themed boxes they have been doing in the last few months, I am happy to once again see the Iconic pink and black Glossy Box.  I just love the combo of the black and pink. My brother may be less pleased to see it when it arrives packed full of his Christmas goodies, but at least I know everything will reach him without being smashed.

This November’s theme is … (please mentally insert drumroll here, thank you)

DISCOVER THE MAGIC OF BEAUTY with Makeup& Magic.  This month it was proclaimed that all subscribers will get five beauty products.  I believe the proclamation was given by a herald and was festooned with a lot of here ye, hear ye’s attached.  At least in my mind (and if you think it was just a corporate memo sent via e-mail and not a man with a deep bass of a voice wearing colorful tights, you can keep your thoughts on said proclamation to yourself.  For those going along with me, the tights are yellow for some reason I can’t explain. Just so you know. I’d hate for your mental picture to be incomplete).

So, let’s see what these five beauty items are shall we?

First up is the LASplash Cosmetics Magic Palette (retail value $32).  Do you know, I have never tried anything from LA Splash?  I have seen them around for years.  Never once picked up anything by them. I have to say I like the looks of this palette.  The exterior looks very magic-y and in keeping with the theme of the month. The size is perfect for slipping into a makeup bag and while not the most out there exciting colors, I have to say these colors suit me just fine. 

This is a color story that is right up my alley. It will be very interesting to see how the shadows perform.  And I’ll be sure to put it in next week’s Make up bag to test out.  I really hope it does well as this looks like a range of shades I could easily wear. I can look at the mix and see several looks immediately that I could do.  Provided the formula is good.  So we shall see, but initially, I am very happy to see this full sized palette in my Glossy Box.

And what goes with an eyeshadow palette? A brush of course.  A full sized Spectrum Collections Limited Edition B07 Brush (retail $8.99) to be exact. I love when it looks like someone put some thought into putting a subscription box together. ‘Oh look there is eyeshadow in this box, lets add a brush to apply the eyeshadow’. It’s a little thing, but it rally does make me think that someone actually thought things through instead of just chucking items into a box. It feels like there was a plan. And plans make me happy.

I’m not entirely certain what makes it limited edition as I’ve never even heard of Spectrum Brushes before. It is a fluffy brush that feels good in the hand, has no bristles loose or falling out and appears to be good quality.  I’ll have to pop it into the Makeup bag and give it a test with the shadow palette, but I am never sad to see an extra fluffy eyeshadow brush in my Glossy Box.

Next is a set of Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks (retail $4.16). These I have actually tried before.  These were the very first eye patches I tried actually.  I saw them on everyone’s Instagram at the time and thought, why not give them a go. 

I remember thinking they were good but I didn’t see the point of all of the hype.  I think they were just so talked about at the time that any form of reality would have been a disappointment.  I’ve had several products like that where they are so talked up that no product in the world is actually going to live up to the buzz created. Generally i have to try the product again after the buzz dies down to get an accurate view of the product. It means I may not be first out of the gate with a new release, but it does mean I generally know exactly how I feel about a product, despite hype or disappointed hype.

While I don’t see bunches of pics with people wearing these any more, I have started to wear eye masks more since that first fateful test.  Let me tell you, when the ragweed was high in my area, the value of a good depuffing eye mask cannot be overstated. Since I haven’t tried this eye mask since the testing of the hype, I am really happy to have another set fall into my path.  Now I can try them just as eye masks and not as a trend and find out what I really think of them.  So even though it is not the highest valued item in the box, it is actually the one I am most excited to see.


My next item is an eyeliner. The Doucce Ultra Precision Eyeliner (retail $22) to be exact.  While eyeliners are never going to send me into raptures of delight (with a few notable exceptions) I am rather pleased to see this eyeliner.  A while back I had this eyeliner, or a version of a Doucce Eyeliner, and I remember loving it.

Ever after I was always very excited to see Doucce Products.  Then, I received an eyeshadow palette that was somewhat underwhelming followed by a mascara that was just okay and I dimmed on the brand. 


I began to think, maybe that eyeliner wasn’t so great.  I will admit, when I took this out of the box, I had just stepped out of the shower and was wearing no makeup (I did get dressed before going to get the mail, I didn’t go starkers to visit the postman.) So since I had no makeup on, I tried the eyeliner.  It was just as lovely, creamy and easy to apply as I remembered.  I am very happy to have this eyeliner back in my dressing table.

The fifth item is actually a fifth and sixth item as two products came in a combo (retail for set $4). They are from Hero Cosmetics and are the Mighty Patch Invisible + and Rescue Balm.  While I absolutely adore my Peace Out Acne Dots, (currently they have a 15% off deal going on if you are interested), I am always willing to try new blemish patches.  Especially as these days I seem to have more and more blemishes that need patching.

I really like using the Peace Out Acne dots on those deep clogged pores that just sit there and mock any attempt I make to get them to come to the surface so they can be cleared away.  It will be interesting to see if these Mighty Patches work just as well (or possibly better). 

Paired up with them is a small foil packet of rescue balm cream which is supposed to speed up the healing after the patch has done its job. I like the thought of the one two punch and hope it works.  I suspect the rather stuffed foil packet will have more cream needed than I will need for a single use so I have a clean empty jar at the ready so that the foil packet will not create a mess when I open it.

So to recap, Glossy Box is a $21 per month subscription.  If you sign up for a year (which I do) then you pay $18 per month. In the November box I received three full sized items, one pair of eye patches and a deluxe sample duo of the Mighty patch and friend. The retail value of my items comes to $71.15.  I am very happy with that return and as every item in the box is one that I will happily use, I am very happy with my items. 

Now if you are not a subscriber and are thinking of giving it a try, you can get your first box for $15 using the code EARLY15. I would hurry because they tend to sell out of Glossy boxes very quickly.

In addition to this great deal from Glossy Box there are several other Singles day sales out there at the moment. One of my favorite sales actually starts at 11 am EST and runs for only eleven hours. Who is running this sale? Chantecaille.  That’s right, I said Chantecaille!  Take 25% off of the  Double Eleven Single’s Day collection with code CHANT1111. Shop best-sellers and iconic must-haves for eleven hours only.

All orders enjoy free ground delivery and samples of your choice!

I have to say I picked up one of their luminescent eye shades (smoky burgundy I believe) and to date it is the only eyeshadow I have ever used all the way down to pan.  The shade was gorgeous and the formula fantastic.  There was no fall out. Seriously, Zero. Fall. Out.  It is some sort of shadow gel formula that is super easy to blend, just hugs the eyes and stays in place all day. It was one of those shades I put on darker on the outer edge blended it paler towards the center and then called it done. I’m not ashamed to say that I almost cried when it was empty.  And then because the packaging was so beautiful I glued a mirror into the empty pan and used it as a compact in my purse. It is one of those brands that is expensive, but sooooo worth it. And yes the 25% off just makes me squeal with glee. I do so love a good sale, especially when it is on good products.

You want to know what else makes me dance?  Koh Gen Do is having a Singles day sale as well. From now until Midnight their award winning SPA Cleansing cloths and SPA cleansing water are both on sale for $11.11 each. I try not to use a lot of cleansing wipes just because of the waste, so when I get them I tend to hoard them and only occasionally break down and use them (whereas before they were in use daily, sometimes even multiple times daily). When I do use them these are one of the packs I reach for (the other pack I reach for is the AYAM Dead Sea Minerals Cleansing wipes if you are interested.  Those are the two I tend to keep around.) So seeing them on sale makes me happy.

Discover Koh Gen Do bestsellers

And finally, a third Singles sale, and again one I was happy to see.  Kristofer Buckle. Oh yes, he of the Triplicity Foundation stick and my super favorite Cashmere Slip lipstick (Shade Bardot is my go to although the formula is excellent throughout the line) has a sale.  It is a buy one get one free sale with the code SINGLES. And yes, two Cashmere slip lipsticks are soon to be winging their way towards me.  And yes they are both in the shade Bardot.  I have worn the one I have down to a little nub.  Even when I don’t add it to my makeup bag I have a tendency to grab it whenever I need a lipstick.  It is just such a fantastically comfortable formula to wear and doesn’t dry the lips out.

If you are looking to try out a bunch of products (and why wouldn’t you) I highly recommend the Vanity Kits.  They are on sale as well and all of the products are full size in the kits. I tried out the Vanity Kit 2 as it had the Triplicity foundation stick that I wanted to try and to be honest I will probably order the kit again when I use up the foundation stick just so I can also get the powder, lipstick and mascara with it. It is worth ordering when it is regular price.  With the sale on, it is time to stock up or pick out gifts.

Affiliate Exclusive | BOGO on Vanity Kits

I know there are plenty of sales going on today (this week, this month, this season) and I’m sure even with adding them to posts I have missed out mentioning several of note, but these are a few of my favorites. (and yes I am mentally hearing Julie Andrews sing ‘A few of my favorite things’ My mother adored the Sound of Music when I was a child and the sound track has been permanently seared into the back of my brain and pops out at strange times). So if you are looking to do a bit of shopping, hopefully this helps you out. Happy Shopping my darlings!

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