Training to be a mime or just face mask Friday? You decide.

Welcome my darlings once again to Face Mask Friday. Today’s face mask was a deluxe sample that came in an IPSY a while back. I thought it looked sleek and spa like when it arrived but somehow it got put with the moisturizers so I forgot I had it.  Today I dug it out.

It is the Georgette Klinger Collagen and Elastin Mask.  A quick look at the site reveals the details…

Renew and replenish a dull complexion with this transformative mask. Featuring Olive and Lavender Oil, our Collagen and Elastin clay based mask is rich in essential fatty acids to soften, calm, and soothe skin, while drawing out dirt and toxins without stripping your surface. Collagen hydrates and promotes healing as Elastin increases elasticity to lift and firm skin. Natural Avocado Oil replenishes and revitalizes your skin’s natural glow and Betaglucan prevents damage and provides an immunity boost, for skin that is smooth, supple and younger looking.

I am all for softening and soothing while not stripping the surface.  So on with the mask.  And in case you were wondering I did look up Betaglucan. It is not someone who loves the movie Beetlejuice and dresses and or recreates scenes from the movie in their home as one might expect. It is an antioxidant that helps with redness in sensitive skin.

Not as much fun as a die hard movie fan, but probably better for your skin.

The scent of the mask leans more towards lavender than anything else.  It is saved from being too floral by the olive which gives it a tempering earth/fruity note. As I find that lavender can be a bit cloying I really enjoyed it.  The scent is very light though and not terribly intrusive.

mask freshly on, smiling still possible

Now even though my   tube was previously unopened, it wasn’t full.  I had only enough product for one application.  I had hoped that I could maybe scrape by with a few, but when I held it up to the light it was clear, there would be no three day test for this tube. So a one shot deal it is.

Slathering it on my face made me feel like I was auditioning to be a mime.  It is white.  Unrelenting white.  No speckles of anything.  When first applied, it is movable, hence the reason I am smiling in the first applied photo.  As it dries it tightens and hardens, hence the reason I am not smiling in the second photo. I couldn’t.  But in between those two pictures I had fifteen minutes of quiet.  It was nice.

I will admit, I thought about Ipsy while I was masking today. I’m sure if you pay attention to subscription boxes then you have probably already heard the news that IPSY bought BoxyCharm.  Everyone is speculation about the upcoming changes.  Well there was one change that appeared in my inbox on Wednesday.

no smiling after fifteen minutes of drying.

Apparently Ipsy is discontinuing the IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate. They are replacing it with the Ipsy Glam X.  What this means is that you can switch your subscription to Glam bag plus and then four times a year pay more for a total of $55 and get a an upgraded month. Which sounds an awful lot like the Boxy Luxe Category. I went and switched to that so starting in January I will be on the Glam X plan instead of the Ultimate. What I find amusing is that they staggered the quarters so that the up-charged month for IPSY is not the same month as the Up-charged month for Boxy Luxe.  Boxy Luxe is for March, June, September and December.  Glam X will be for February, May, August, and November. I suppose now that Ipsy and Boxy aren’t rivals they can coordinate. 

It’s like a victory for conglomerates everywhere.

It also means that I will be getting fewer sample sized products each month from IPSY.  With the Ultimate there are four samples in the bag each month.  The Glam bag has no samples and the Glam X will have no samples.  It is seven – eight full sized products.  I’m guessing that I will still end up with samples from add ons but it means fewer ones automatically ending up in my dressing table and skin care selections.

Which I’m fine with.  As I have spent the last few months whittling down my samples collection I realized how quickly those samples can build up.  They clear out fast when you concentrate on using them, but my skin is craving the stability of more longer use products. Plus, I used so many skin care samples that my reviews of hair, bath and nail products had to take a back seat. And I have SOOOOOO many hair products I really want to sit down and talk to you about. Lock down was the hair care repair extravaganza at my house this summer.

clean, fabulous and able to create facial expressions again

To be honest I was actually thinking about paring my IPSY back to the Glam Bag level in January anyway due to the samples.  Now I will just try out the Glam X tier as they get that going and see how it looks.  So that will be something fun to report on in the new year.  I’m also planning more ingredient break down posts in the new year as well as a few other surprises I can’t wait to share with you.

But after fifteen minutes of plotting out my plans for 2021 and wondering what other new changes IPSY and Boxy would have before things settle back down, I needed to remove my mask.  As you can see in the photo, the mask dried and tightened. No more smiling for the camera. However it washed off really easily.  I did not need to use a brush to loosen it as I do with some of the clay masks I love so much.  It was very easy to rinse and I happily let my potential future as a mime go down the drain.

I was a little worried that the mask would be too much moisture for my skin as it is designed more for dry skin, but it wasn’t.  My face felt wonderfully soft and refreshed after using this.  I was actually quite pleased with the mask.  I am also quite sad there was only one use in the tube, but I think this is definitely a mask I will look at picking up for a full product test.  I really enjoyed using it.  It was a lovely end to a slightly off balance week.  And even though my thoughts drifted more into speculation and planning than a zen nothingness, it was still relaxing.  Although really, it is rare that I go into the zen nothingness anyway.  I tried last week and end up turning Roman history into a reality show/soap opera.  Well, more an updated version of the soap opera that it was naturally.  I still think Tiberius would have made a great Biff.

Yeah, zen nothingness might not be my strong suit.

But I did enjoy the break. And now it is back to work.  Have a great rest of your Friday and a fantastic weekend.

For those looking to splurge currently, there’s a promo for the month of November for Chantecaille. It is one of those pricey but worth the price brands that feels so luxe. They also donate to some fantastic causes like working to end childhood hunger and to preserve various habitats from ocean to jungle. So it’s one of those spluges you can feel really good about, whether it is for yourself or someone else.

Orders over $325 will receive a chic pouch filled with luxe Gold Collection minis. Gift includes Nano Gold Firming Treatment 8ml, Gold Recovery Mask 5ml, Nano Gold Energizing Eye Serum 3ml.

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