The Daily: November 16th, 2020

I know I have blitzed you with two long holiday posts today. Tis the season my darlings. At least for me anyway. This week I will be reviewing all sorts of products I’ve tried and want to order as I prepare myself for the upcoming sales. But don’t worry, todays posts were the heaviests. They ge lighter as we move away from skin care.

As for everything else. well today I managed one walk and am about to go on a second and I have stuck to my calories. I didn’t want to because it is cold and rainy and because my neighbor is wafting delicious scents my way. Apparently they are frying chicken. I’m not sure who actually fries chicken for lunch time, but my neighbor decided today was the day for it. It is giving me cravings. this far I have nobly resisted. Mostly because there is no chicken in the house and the place I really love for chicken is all the way across town. If it were any closer I might have caved.

However I did cave in one area.

That’s right, BirchBox got me. They were the very first subscription box I tried and apparently since I let them go they have undergone a whole bunch of changes. I was poking around trying to decide if i wanted to give them another try (mostly because I am pretty sure I am dropping Allure at the end of the year). Their electronics picked up my poking and I got an e-mail. Sign up for a year and we’ll send you a free BirchBox advent calendar.

So yeah…I’m signed up for a year and will be unboxing a BirchBox Advent Calendar sometime in the near future. So I guess we’ll all see what the changes are. In case you are wondering the code for that is ADVENT and if you sign up for a year you can still pay monthly and the cost is lowered to $13 per month. (there is $1.24 tax on mine so it is still under $15 even with the tax). It will be interesting to see what’s changed and how I feel about it.

But today that is me. Two extra long posts, a recovery walk and a sign up for a new subscription box. Good times. I hope your monday was good and productive. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to see if I can get that second walk in.

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