Testing the wild rose and leopard lily of Tatcha’s The Deep Cleanse

I’ll admit, I tried two of Tatcha’s moisturizers before and wasn’t a fan. Some of the ingredients made me a little worried, but mostly I believe I heard so much hype about them that the actual products could never have lived up to the buildup created.  By contrast, I have heard nothing about the Tatcha Deep Cleanse.  

I’m sure there is a review out there.  In fact, I would be very surprised if there wasn’t.  However I didn’t come across any in my random ramblings, and after I put this as an add on in my IPSY Bag, I deliberately tried not to look at any reviews.

I wanted a chance to form my own opinion without thinking about what anyone else thought of it.  I have to say, I was kind of impressed. First, a little bit about the product…

The Deep Cleanse oil-free gel lathers into a creamy foam to lift away dirt, oil and impurities without over-drying. It cleanses with amino acids derived from silk gentle enough for even the most delicate skin, leaving skin soft, refreshed and comfortably hydrated.

The formula harnesses the power of the Japanese Luffa fruit, a natural beauty multi-tasker beloved by Japanese women for centuries. Ground fibers from the fruit exfoliate, helping to turn over dead skin cells, deeply purifying & decongesting pores, while the fruit extract beautifies and conditions skin.

Japanese Wild Rose works to visibly tighten pores and smooth skin texture, while Japanese Leopard Lily helps minimize excess oil.

Now as much as I really like exfoliators, I am always nervous when they come inside of a daily cleanser.  At best I use exfoliators a couple of times a week. Actually with the rise of face masks, I have been using exfoliators more regularly. Before I would go weeks without using one and then just have myself a spa day.  Now I do a once a week exfoliation regardless as part of my keep the maskne down plan.

So I was cautious when using this cleanser. I was very surprised.  It is a creamy gel.  I tended to damp my face, smear the cleanser onto my skin and then rewet my hands to work it into a lather.  Part of this was because it seemed the best way to get the best clean, the other part was due to the bottle. 

just on the damp face (I got the cleanser on my lips in case you are wondering about the facial expression, it smells good, but does not taste good)

The size of the sample bottle and the thickness of the plastic makes it almost impossible to apply with wet hands.  It just slides right out of the hands without dispensing product.  I really think it is the size of the sample tube (as well as its shape) that causes this issue.  I doubt it would occur in the larger size. So I made sure to squeeze the tube with a dry hand and hence the application sequence listed above. I also stood the tube upside down on the sink to help with dispensing.  Kind of like the ketchup bottle in the fridge.

The scent is lightly floral.  I’ll admit seeing the wild Japanese rose and the leopard lily gave me pause. While I don’t mind fragrance in my products, in fact most times I actually like the fragrance, some floral scents get really cloying. Or start to smell like industrial bathroom gleaners and or potpourri spray. And actually I had that problem with several products that I currently have arrayed on my skin care shelf. Yesterday’s Balance M Serum and tomorrow’s Derma E Toner to be exact.

the start of foam with water, and I am just rubbing my face and trying not to have drips hit the camera rather than whispering secrets to the medicine cabinet.

So I approached cautiously with my sniffer. It is not an overpowering scent and smells more clean than cloying.  It smells more like the cleanser had a brief love affair with florals but the memory has faded over the years to a brief shadow instead of an intense heat.

I recall one of the moisturizers I tried from Tatcha having a similar scent.  It was much stronger in the moisturizer than it is in the cleanser though.  This scent was very light.  And for those seeing Rose listed in the ingredients, it is not really a rose scent.  It is just lightly floral.  I think the Leopard Lily balances the Wild Rose out.  Whatever the cause it is a light fresh scent which I really like. Instead of bracing myself to use it, I eagerly reached for the bottle.

As for exfoliation.  It was extremely light. The exfoliates sort of faded from solid bits to almost nothing as I washed.  The exfoliation aspect of this cleanser was extremely light.  To my surprise it was a cleanser I could easily see myself using daily with no irritation or skin issues.  The fact that it was exfoliating merely meant that when I went in with my toner pad there was almost no trace of makeup left behind on my skin.I’m sure it managed to exfoliate my skin as well, but it was so mild that my skin felt no harsh rubbing. If you are worried about over exfoliating, but still want a little bit, this may be a product you might want to look into.

I managed a little over a week’s worth of use with this sample sized cleanser.  While it wasn’t enough to see any long term benefits I will say that it was gentle on my skin, smelled nice and clean, removed the last traces of makeup (I double cleanse) and did not strip my skin. 

It was quite frankly, a fantastic cleanser. I definitely think that the full sized version will be appearing somewhere in my near future.

Beauty counter is having a sale, now through November 30th. If you are looking to try out some excellent clean makeup products, This is a brand to look into.

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