The Daily: November 24th, 2020

Good afternoon my darlings. I just had a very interesting conversation with my baby doll. He’s working from home today and came into my office to ask me a question about dinner. At the moment he sees all the food gathered for thursday’s dinner and is disappointed at anything else that lands on his plate in the days prior. we go through this every holiday. so that’s pretty standard. he sees the holiday food and wants the holiday food.

But that is not what was amusing. He came in as I was placing my order for Klorane. I am dangerously low on dry shampoo and really should have ordered a week or so ago. But I was trying to hold out for their sale (20 % off with the code FRIDAY20). And this time instead of my standard order I also picked up the Dry Shampoo with Nettles for Dark hair to give it a try. Okay I also got my standard bottle, but i am trying something new in addition to my favorite, so that sort of counts as branching out. I just really like having my standard on hand.

But despite having had dry shampoo in the house for years, often multiple bottles, I had to explain what dry shampoo was. He’s seen my hair care drawer, but just thought anything in a can is hair spray and anything in a tube is gel.

Once I explained dry shampoo and even demonstrated he informed e that it was just a can of fake snow and complemented the manufacturers on finding a year round use of it. He then walked out and went back to work.

Here’s the thing, now that he has it in his head, that is what it is forever going to be. I will be hearing about canned sno forever from this point on. It will be imported into his mental beauty lingo and dry shampoo will now be canned snow. It is always amusing when you can actually see a word becoming standard vocab before your eyes.

Anyway, in addition to expanding mt baby dolls vocabulary in unexpected ways, today I went on an extra long walk to make up for some of the traditional favorites that will be gracing the table this year. The cream, butter and sour cream going into the mashed potatoes alone will be enough to blow any calorie count through the roof.While I will limit my portions and try to aim for self control, it is a holiday and the rules can be bent, even if I am not chucking them out of the window. The benefit of not traveling however is that there are no road snacks and I won’t be snacking at multiple houses. while there are the dinner time favorites like the sinfully delicious mash, there are no bowls of candied nuts, cheese straws, crab dip and all sorts of other calorie laden concoctions. They are delicious but sneaky. You may only have a taste of each but those tastes add up. And realistically while I may make one of those as an appetizer, I’m not making ten or twenty of those for just us. And there is no one to be offended if I am not constantly snacking.

That was actually kind of rough last year. I lost some weight, so people knew I was trying and so I heard a lot of, ‘You know diets don’t count here, you can go back to the diet next week.’ And so I ate more than I actually wanted to eat so no one would feel like I was dieting during the holidays. Or that I didn’t like their cooking. This year I have better control over my indulgences even if I would rather see my family and risk overindulging.

And yeah, it’ll be the mashed potatoes where I over indulge. But I won’t be snacking. It may balance out, but if not, I can live with that and just get back on my calorie counting and walking Friday morning. But for now, I am on track, calories counted and an extra walk taken in preparation. Also there is salad for dinner tonight. That helps too.

Klorane USA

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