A Wednesday Face Mask

I know my darlings it is not a Friday, but still I decided a face mask was in order.  Given the holiday week, I decided to skip the longer mask review and just go with a one time use.  Of course I did decide to double up.  I used both the SkinMedica Eye masks and the When The last Choice mask that came in this month’s Allure box.

I decided to wear the eye masks under the face mask.  For me the eye section of the eye masks usually fits a bit strangely anyway, so I figured this way I would know that my eyes were covered.  So The SkinMedica Eye masks, which according to the product overview…

The SkinMedica Instant Bright Eye Mask boosts the eye area with a concentrated dose of brightening hydration.

These premium gel patches make an ideal companion to the SkinMedica Instant Bright Eye Cream for their ability to provide immediate hydration and relief to puffy, fatigued eyes. Each gel mask provides potent brightening effects while Rhodiola rosea root extract moisturizes and soothes skin.

The eye masks were interesting coming out of the package.  The top side was a cloth feel which I usually have issues getting to stay on my eyes.  However, this one had a thick gel on the opposite side that more or less glues them into place when I put them on.  They weren’t stuck, I could move them around, but they did stay attached to my face which is a good quality, especially if I am going to use them at my desk. So initially I was very pleased.  But this was only step one of the masking phase.  Step two involved the sheet mask going over it.

thick mask, but not heavy

So to the sheet mask.  It is the When Last Choice Bio Cellulose sheet mask.  When It initially arrived I looked it up and while I found out a lot about the brand I couldn’t find this specific sheet mask. I decided to give it another go. I still couldn’t find it on the When site, but I did finally find it offered for sale at Belks for $7.  I don’t know if this means it is an exclusive to Belk’s mask or if it was discontinued. But the description comes from the Belk’s site. Which is…

When your skin needs a tall glass of hydration, Use When The Last Choice for instant hydration
Nothing feels worse than dry, flaky and tired skin. Ditch your dehydrated skin and soak your face with the latest in facial experiences. Introducing When The Last Choice Face Mask. Designed to drench your deserted skin in super hydrating moisture. When The Last Choice uses an innovatively designed bio-cellulose sheet made from coconuts. The unique second skin design evenly distributes key ingredients of the serum to the entire face effectively delivering the necessary moisture.

The hydrating agents within When The Last Choice include sodium hyaluronate and saccharide isomerate. The mask is the perfect sip for your skin on the go or a relaxing spa night at home.

So being reasonably certain I was in for a hydrating experience, I opened the mask.  It was sandwiched between a thick sick sheet and a thin sheet, that I wasn’t certain was a sheet and not a secondary mask.  I realized it was just ther to keep the mask from sticking to itself and peeled it off, applying the mask. I really like the material this mask is made from.  I’m guessing it is the bio cellulose.  It is thicker than regular paper and adheres well all over the surface of my face.  It feels like paper infused with some sort of gel, but it is lighter and thinner than a gel mask.   Essentially when I put it in place, it stayed there. 

While the mask does have plenty of serum, it wasn’t drippy so I didn’t have to wipe it off of my neck.  Confident everything was in place, I lay down and began contemplating my Thanksgiving day domination.  Even if it is just an in house gathering, getting the sides and the main to all come out at more or less the same time is always tricky. It requires a little plotting and planning.  So as I plotted and planned, (Listening to Rage Against the Machine in case you were curious) I felt my face mask grow cooler against my skin.  It felt as though it was chilling the skin down as I let it sit.  There was no tingling or anything, it just felt like someone had a fan turned on high and was blowing chilled air directly at me. Except without the air movement.

before (L) and after(R) not much different in visible effects but I felt very refreshed and my skin felt fantastic.

As I often use a chilled stone roller to de puff my eyes, I think the cooling will have a similar effect.  But I waited for the timer to go off. Which it eventually did. When I took the mask and eye masks off my skin was soft and very hydrated.  I actually used my vibrating face massager to get the remaining serum to sink into my skin. 

My skin was cool to the touch so I didn’t imagine the cooling nature of the mask.  To be honest, the eye masks were good and I would pick them up again. Given their design, they could easily be used at the desk without making a mess.  There is no dripping serum, no sliding and because the gel is only on the underside, your fingers stay clean.  Not a bad thing to have in the desk for special occasions. Like needing to appear awake for a boring meeting when you didn’t sleep well the night before.

The mask was excellent.  I loved the material, I loved the amount of serum in it and I really liked the serum. I’m a little disgruntled by the fact that I had a hard time hunting it down, but it is worth hunting down.  I think I will try our local Belk’s and see if I can’t find out a little more information. I’ll also poke around a bit, maybe they just changed the outer packaging and I somehow missed it.  Either way, I will definitely be looking for this mask again. I would like to see what effect this would have on routine use.

But for now my darlings, I have a bit of pre thanksgiving prep to do and then I need to put on my makeup and fix my hair for the first of the family calls.  Because yes, after the mask, my bangs are sticking up like a crazy person.  It’s one of the reasons I do my face masks either later at night or on Friday after I’ve completed everything but at the desk paperwork.  But my flat iron is heating up and soon, I won’t look as crazy. Hopefully. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating and if you are elsewhere in the world, have a fantastic rest of the week. I am going to try to pop back on later with another sales page but I’m not not 100% sure I’ll make it today. It might be tomorrow. Regardless, I will definately be back bright and early Monday morning with my normal schedule.  See you then!

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