The Daily: December 1st, 2020

Happy December my darlings! While the sky was gray and lowering today, it was not raining snowing or sleeting. while I had intended to run errands I found I couldn’t resist the lure of the walking trail, so I layered up and went for a walk.

The wind cut through my jeans and I forgot to wear a hat so my ears felt cold enough to crack and fall off the side of my head by the time I returned home, but the rest of me was fine. So next time, there will be silk long johns under the jeans to deal with the cutting wind and I will be remembering my hat.

why is it that you never really feel your ears until they are cold?

They are just sort of there until they hurt and then you wonder how you could have ignored them for most of your life.

Or maybe that is just me.

But i got my walk in and all of me except my ears was happy. I also need to come up with a more consistent indoor workout schedule. I’ve played around with one but truthfully the weather has been so good that I only missed walking outside a few days here and there so I kept putting off my planning.

package arrived!

Well at least when I arrived home from my walk, me and my icy ears had a surprise waiting. My box from Klorane arrived. So two new bottles of dry shampoo (I’m giving the nettle infused for dark hair a try) along with two samples, one a waterproof eye makeup remover and the other a leave in conditioner. I’m looking forward to giving both of those a test as well. So now I am going to warm up and make myself a large mug of tea.

I have to say the teami insulated tumbler I received in a BoxyCharm box a while ago has proven a really excellent afternoon tea companion. I can fill it up and even when i forget about it for stretches it stays warm. As the warm tea fills me up and keeps me from snacking, I think I am going to be getting a lot of use out of this insulated bottle this winter. I had to take the strap off because it was kind of annoying at the desk, but I kept it in case I decide to take my tea on the go. I’m not ashamed to admit, I am a little in love with the little strainer basket in the top of the tumbler. It is a very well designed tumbler.

As for tea, the two I am thoroughly enjoying right now are the Apple pie Tea Blend and the Dark Chocolate peppermint tea both from the Art of Tea’s holiday collection. they are both super fantastic and and I am already counting tea bags to see when I need to place my next order so I can get a refill before the Holiday seasons go out of stock. although really Apple pie and Chocolate peppermint really should be year round things. But alas I am not in charge. so i can only reorder while they are stocked and then see how long I can stretch my supply until the following year.

Plus, not only is it delicious, but the tea is helping to keep me within my calorie count, and it is helping me with added water consumption. And as I proved to myself during my attempt at a water challenge, I can always use more water. So Tuesday is chugging along and if my now thawed ears didn’t itch I would be a very happy camper. The itching is just along the tops of the ears and it is driving me bonkers. I know it won’t last but ohhhh it is so hard to ignore.

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