Going Native for the Holidays

Holiday scents can be tricky beasts. On one hand you have a delightfully seasonal aroma. On the other you have the precipice of stink that can either be cloyingly sweet or nose searingly spicy. I remember a body spray one year that more or less made me feel like gingerbread men were coming to smother me with bags of powdered cinnamon in my sleep. That is the danger of leaning towards the savory instead of the sweet side.

However I needed to make a Target run and low and behold there were the bins of holiday products at the end of the aisle. I actually was there to pick up some Olay Body wash, which I did, but I also picked up these two. One of which is now causing the Olay Body wash to wait patiently for me to get around to it. It is my standard for body washes at the moment as far as the drug store goes. For comparison sake the Olay body wash is regulartly $7.99)

Half Off Select Skincare Products on Olay.com

Because I started with the Native Body Wash and set Olay to the side. While I have recently been using the Native deodorant, this is my first experience with their body wash. It was the candy cane that got me. what can I say, I love peppermint. And this is the one time of year I get to gorge my senses with it. So I figured what a good time to test out Native’s Body wash. (In all fairness if I had passed an end cap with almost any brand’s Candy Cane scented Body Wash I would probably have picked it up and decided it was the right time to test it out.

And don’t worry, my display photos were taken over the sink, not in the shower. While I’m pretty sure I could easily get a G rated photo of the body wash at work I am equally certain the camera would come to a watery end. And yes, that is my Daily Concepts scrubber you see. It came in a Look Fantastic Box a while ago and I now have replacements in the linen closet so that it can be immediately replaced when the time is right. I have fallen in love with it.

But what about the body wash?

It comes out clear rather than creamy and as you can see in the photo, lathers quite well. The lathering agent is Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate in case you are wondering and they do use coconut oil in their mix, so those with coconut allergies should be aware. The one issue I came across with Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate is that it is a penetration enhancer so it can help your skin absorb other ingredients.They do leave out the sulfates and parabens though so most of what it is enhancing is not bad for you. It is also the ingredient that gathers up all the dirt and oil from your skin and drags it towards the drain.

In using this body wash I felt clean, but my skin was not stripped. It was soft and nourished and my shower smelled like a peppermint stick. It was slightly sweet but not in a sticky sort of way that disrupts the feeling of clean (which is a fine line that a lot of holiday products miss) and it was very pepperminty. However, as minty fresh as the shower smelled, there was no lingering scent on the skin. The scent was washed down the drain with the bubbles. I got out of the shower, dried off and sniffed my arm.

Nothing but clean skin.

Which is fine as it doesn’t interfere with the scents of other products. It is essentially a shower experience. I would imagine all of the other scents of body wash from the brand have a similar feature, which is nice to know since so many of them appeal to me but aren’t scents I would want to wear throughout the day. To be honest my one regret is that I bought the trial size and not the full sized bottle. Although I honestly didn’t see the full sized bottles of the candy cane scent. I’m hoping I was just a little too early for the full holiday display and that there will be the big bottles soon. All full sized body washes are $8. The Native site offers a subscription service that delivers your favorite products every three months (you can change out the scents) and the price drops down to $6. Which I think is a fair price. Especially as body wash and deodorant are still products that I go to the store for. This year that list has dwindled down significantly.

size comparison between travel and full

But speaking of deodorant, I also tried out the Sugar Cookie scented Deodorant when I picked up the Body Wash. It is the same nice formula that all of their deodorants are and it does smell like a sugar cookie when you sniff the product. The scent fades almost immediately so that you aren’t wafting sugar cookie scent around. To be honest, this is one of those products I am glad I got the travel size. It is large enough to last the month and then it will be gone. I can’t see myself wanting to keep it around longer than a month so I am perfectly happy with that. It is a holiday scent that is in a product the size of which will not out last the holiday. It also makes me want to pick up some of the other scents in the travel size to see if they might be more longer term in my bathroom products. I like the Cucumber and Mint that I am using, but several of the others are quite appealing. I just don’t know how long they would be appealing. The travel size would be a great way to test it.

So there my darlings are my two Native Holiday Products. The Candy Cane body wash I will attempt to find in a full size (Possibly buying extra should I managed to find it) and it has tempted me into thinking about the Native subscription service. The Sugar Cookie Deodorant works like it’s year round counterparts, but will not be something I want to keep past the holidays even if it is tempting me into more trial sizes.

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