Birchbox December 2020 Unboxing

Birchbox was the first subscription box I ever signed up for way back when.  After a while I let my subscription lapse. At the time I was receiving many of the same products repeatedly and I wanted to try out other subscription boxes. Apparently they have made changes and so now I have returned to give it another go.  I signed up for a yearly subscription which means my price is $13 per month (if you sign up for 6 months it is $14, if you go monthly then it is $15). It will be interesting to see how I feel about it at the end of twelve months.  This is the second box in the yearly subscription. 

There were six items in my Birchbox this month.  The prices listed on the card that came with the box are all for the full sized items rather than the items in the box.  There is the possibility that the nail polish is full size, but nothing else was.I do like the information on the card though. it was helpful to know a little about each product.

The first item was a Beautaniq Beauty Velvet Rose Bud Soothing hand Cream. It has shea butter in it so I imagine it will be quite soothing.  It is a good size to drop into a handbag.  I know people are washing their hands more, at least I am, and as a consequence hand cream is becoming more necessary, but at the moment I am well stocked on hand creams. In fact I am overloaded with hand creams.

Rose is also not my favorite scent for hand cream.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming.  I’ve never heard of this brand or tried anything from them (obviously as I have never heard of them) so I don’t know what the scent is like.  I will keep it and try it though to see how I feel about the brand. At the moment I have several hand creams open and once I use up at least one more I will give this a go.  While I’m sure it is nice, I’m just never all that excited about hand creams.

I was excited about the second item in my Birchbox this month.  It is the Lise Watier Magnifix Make up Fixative with white tea. It is essentially a setting spray with antioxidants.  I am beginning to lean into setting sprays with skin care benefits more and more so it is always nice to try out a new one.  The Birchbox came in early enough last week that I was able to add this to my makeup bag this week to try it out.

I was also able to add the Marcelle CC Cream Golden Glow with SPF 35 to my makeup bag this week as my foundation product.  I’ve tried Marcelle products before and always really liked them.  I think I’ve used both a mascara and a moisturizer that I have really liked before in the past and I am happy to have another  product from the brand to try out.  I will give it a trial this week and let you know how it performs.

The Nails inc Nail polish may be a full size or it may not.  It is one of the round bottles.  I’ve gotten the bigger rectangular bottles before and I believe those are full size while this is maybe a deluxe. I’m not entirely certain.  I would expect Birchbox to make a note of a full sized product in their box as it is unusual. I didn’t see anything, so I am guessing it is not full size. 

It is however perfect for the holidays.  The color is listed as FOMO and it is a lovely glossy red. I really like the formula of the Nails Inc polishes so I am happy to have it, regardless of the actual official size. They are really long wearing and don’t tend to chip for a while. I will be wearing it for Christmas this year as it is perfectly suited. So excellent timing.

I was also very happy to see the Verb Ghost hair mask in my box this month.  I tried a Verb hair mask before (not this one though) and I really liked it.  It left my hair soft and nourished.  I’m hoping this will do the same.  As we have entered the wet and drizzly part of winter where I live, anti-frizz products are in high demand in my bathroom.  It’s kind of fun, the wet air outside causes frizz and random curl and then the drier air inside causes all sorts of fly aways.  Where my hair is concerned, this is a very frustrating time of year. So I am happy to try out another product from the brand in the hopes it will help.

The final item in my box is the Arrow Radiant Skin moisturizer.  I believe that Arrow is one of Birchboxes brands.  One of the reasons that I dropped Birchbox last time was that I kept getting the same color changing lip balm from the Arrow brand.  My last year with them I think I ended up with eight of them. The formula was excellent, but the color turned my lips an odd pink that I didn’t care for so I kept one to use at my desk for the formula and passed them out to anyone who wanted them.  Oddly, everyone liked the formula, but no one liked the color so I’m not sure which skin tone the universally flattering tint actually flattered.  With moisturizer at least, color isn’t an issue.  And formula is everything.  So I am okay with the Arrow Moisturizer.  I just hope I won’t end up inundated with tubes of them this year. Variation is kind of key with this sort of subscription box.

Overall I have to say I am pretty happy with this month’s box.  For $13 I received a variety of products, some from brands I know and love and others from brands I want to try more from and one that I’ve never heard of. It was in a pretty good mix of categories as well.  Makeup, skincare and hair care were all represented. In general it makes me glad that I decided to give Birchbox another try. I have to say I am kind of excited about next months box. Apparently the box is a clear Keepsake Box. I can’t wait to see how that turns out, as well as what’s in it. After all the box may be interesting, but it is what’s inside that counts. Let’s hope they keep up the good product mix in the new year.

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