The Daily: December 21st, 2020

Good afternoon my darlings, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and started your monday ready to knock out the last few things on your to do list before the holiday starts. We did a massive amount of shopping this weekend, mostly food. We not only picked up a reasonably sized goose for Christmas dinner but we picked up the beef tenderloin for the New Year’s Beef Wellington.

We figured if we weren’t going out, we could at least have a fantastic meal in. We of course purchased everyday food as well and I think that we may not have to actually visit the grocery store for the rest of the year. And my babydoll will be making a run to the liquor store to pick up the wine for both dinners and the champagne for the New Year’s toast.

Sadly i did not get a wine order in early enough to have any bottles ready so he is going to peruse the local selection. Our local liquor store has a pretty decent selection actually, we just usually try to get something a little out of the ordinary for holidays. I’ve actually been thinking about joining a wine club in the new year so we can test out wines and start building lists of wines so that I can have a list to just quickly order from at a moment’s notice.

Well, a moment’s notice plus shipping time.

I’ll actually be looking into those sometime in the new year. I’ve spent some time recently planning out my activities, subscriptions and reviews for the upcoming year. Hence the comments.

I’m still working out the details of some fun new posts. It is shaping up to be a fun year.

However, we still have today. Today is gloriously sunny, the wind isn’t even blowing too hard and the temps are in the upper forties so I took advantage and went on an extra long walk. Right after a slew of phone calls and zoom conference calls.

Do you get the feeling some people are just doing zoom calls instead of just phone calls because it lets them use a video camera instead of just a phone? At least two of my morning calls did not need video at all. In fact, I think the video was actually detrimental to one of them. Never the less, zoom we did.

And then I walked in the lovely sunshine. Upon my return I found a package from Herbal Dynamics Beauty. They very kindly sent some products over for me to try out and review, along with an adorable little makeup bag. I look forward to trying the products out. One of the serums is a hyaluronic acid serum and the other is a Vitamin C Rejuvenating serum. Those are the two spray bottles. The Jar is a Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Clay mask, which after the rich holiday food I am so going to need. All three products look great and I have to say poking around on their website, they look very reasonably priced.

For those that don’t know, Herbal Dynamics Beauty is cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free and Phalate free skincare. They currently have a sale going on 25% off with the code WINTER at checkout and they have free shipping on orders over $35.

While I am new to their products (hence the excitement of trying them out) I love their Botanical Blog. They have articles about the link between food and skin care as well as break outs of ingredients like silk in skincare. I highly recommend their post: The Complete Guide to Layering Skincare. It is very informative and really helps you use your skincare products to their best advantage. It is excellent information if you are just learning about how to layer your products appropriately. I know some of them I still struggle trying to sort out the order they should be applied and make certain one doesn’t affect the other negatively. The article is worth reading just for peace of mind in that regard actually.

I can’t wait to try the products. I am putting them in my skin care trial schedule as soon as is possible and will report back on how they perform. I think the Cacao and Chamomile Clearing Clay mask will more than likely be my first mask trial of the new year.

So that was a nice package to recieve when I came back from my walk. My IPSY Box is still MIA. I know that some time last week it made it to Atlanta. Just like I know that my Look Fantastic box managed to actually leave the British Isles (which for a little while looked debatable) and is now somewhere in New York. Maybe it is visiting my Great Aunt Olive. She too managed to leave the British Isles with a great deal of difficulty, although it was quite a while ago. Perhaps they are comparing stories. Whatever the reason I hope that they will manage to reach me before the month is actually over.If not I’ll just review them in January.

At least I know that the last Christmas/Birthday package I sent out arrived safely. I had a text saying that it was there safe and sound. I then assured them that each item was individually wrapped and now the box has been opened and the gifts placed under the tree. There is an eight year old boy no doubt feeling at least one of the packages and going bonkers. I was afraid it would break so I picked up some white gym socks and wrapped them around it for protection, and so that when he feels the package it just feels like socks. Don’t worry, I warned his mother so any disappointment upon the unwrapping will be short lived. I know, kind of mean, but christmas has to have at least one surprise.

I think that is all for me today. It has been a pretty busy day and will no doubt be a pretty busy week. But it will be a fun one as well. I do kind of miss the holiday parties, but thus far it hasn’t been that bad despite everything. I hope your week is shaping up to be a good one as well.

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