The Daily: December 29th, 2020

I have to say, today has been mostly quiet. Which is kind of good.  Last night the world outside my bedroom window was drip, drip, dripping and I kept waking up thinking the faucet was running.  It wasn’t.  It was just the last of the Christmas snow melting.

The world outside my house is a very soggy place today.

I’m sure there will soon come a frost to make it frozen solid again.

Today, I squelched my way through my walk.  It was cut short when I went sliding in the mud when the path took an incline.  Normally the incline is so gradual that it is hard to even notice.  I noticed it today.  Covered with slick mud it sent me skidding as thought it was ice.

While I managed to save myself from falling into the creek that meanders through the park, I was soaked clean through and my hip and rear end hurt where I connected with the ground.  I must say my arm wasn’t too happy with having to grab a tree so hard and fast to maintain balance either.  Nothing is seriously damaged, but I suspect I will have a couple of bruises and a few aches in the morning.  Hile the mud soaked my jeans clean through, the tree I grabbed for support dropped the remaining snow it had in its branches on me, so I was as wet as if I had ended up in the creek.

Well almost anyway.

So instead of continuing my walk, I came home.  It may have warmed up enough for the snow to melt, but it is not warm enough to go wandering around dripping wet.

Clothes went into the washer, I went into the shower and I have pretty much been parked in front of my little space heater ever since, with my mug of tea by my side ever since. 

Today’s flavor is Twinings Lemon Ginger Black Tea. With a little bit of honey. (I mostly dip a clean spoon into the honey jar, pull it out straight instead of dipping an actual spoonful and then swirl it around in the hot tea.)

Not only has the tea kept my innards warm it has also kept me full to sloshing so that eating has been less of a thing today.  Because my babydoll is currently on vacation he stocked the house with a multitude of snack foods.  The temptation is pretty big.  Well big except for today. 

Today the hot tea rules. And the resulting calorie count is low.  Tonight’s meal is an omelet so providing I don’t go crazy with the additives, I should be on track for calories.  I might actually come ina little low, which is nice.  I’m pretty sure the New Year’s Champagne will put me over the calorie count later in the week, so I’m okay with dipping a little low now.

Other than that it has been a very quiet day.  I fought the elements and the elements won. So I retreated to my office.  Not all that exciting, but it has given me time to start wrapping up the last of my projects to be ready for the new year.  That’s a bit of a nice surprise.

While not very entertaining to read about, I’m kind of hoping tomorrow goes just as smoothly.  Fingers crossed.

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