The Daily: January 4, 2021

Good afternoon, my darlings.  Even though it was only a short three day holiday it feels like I have been a sloth for weeks.  I am so happy to get back into a normal schedule again.  The mad rush to finish things before the holidays and the craziness of the general year’s end have been complete and I think everyone got a nice chance to take a deep breath and start fresh for the new year. 

Because that is how it always feels at the start of a new year, at least to me.  A fresh start.  This year I didn’t really make any resolutions. I plan to continue on with my set plan, be a little kinder to myself when I am inclined to be harsh and to just take things as they come.  Perhaps next year I will feel inclined to make grand pronouncements.  This year there are no pronouncements.

For me, this year’s theme is just ‘Steady on’.

I’m just going to tiptoe into the new year and hope that normality is restored. Kind of like sneaking in after curfew when I was a teenager. Somehow this seems like the best path for this year.

The Beef Wellington in all its glory

I will say that I was absolutely tickled with my New Year’s eve.  Once I wished everyone a happy new year’s over the electronic airwaves, my baby and I settled in.  My beef wellington dinner was a triumph of crispy browned pastry and perfectly cooked meat.   We ate, we cleaned up and then settled in for the movie fest until midnight.  I got to wear comfy pajamas and my pretty heels. Which I think was quite fabulous. Once the disappointment of not gathering with friends was set aside, I really enjoyed the quiet New Years.  The weekend that followed was quiet as well.

Since things have been kind of hectic, it was really nice to have that break.

And today I received a very nice package in the mail.  It is from the Mane Club. They are an independent brand that specializes in creating a range of haircare products that you can wear and share without having to break the bank. They are based in New York and were only established in 2019.

They very nicely sent me several items to try out.  I cannot wait.  Tonight after my shower I will be trying out the One-Hit-Wonder 10 in one spray.  I know it is a leave in conditioner that helps detangle and can also be used as a heat protecting spray.  I’ll have to look up the list of other benefits, but I am really looking forward to trying it out.  While my skin gets dry in the winter, so does my hair.  The dryer my hair, the more tangles it gets and the more tangled it gets the more it ends up with split ends as I detangle it. So I have been looking for a good detangler and I have my fingers crossed this works well.

Tonight I am also beginning my test of the Herbal Dynamics Cacao and Chamomile Detox clearing Clay Mask.  My holidays may have been quiet this year, but they were full of rich foods and my skin is really feeling the need of a good detox. It is the perfect week to give this mask a full trial.

So my hair will be detangling (hopefully), my skin will be detoxing (with luck), I will back to eating more everyday foods instead of the once a year rich and heavy meals and this morning I managed to get up and get my morning workout in.  I went with Chloe Ting for the start of the week.  Mostly because they were already saved to a You Tube Playlist.

I have been thinking of a workout subscription service, but I haven’t completed my research on them yet to know which one I want to give a go.  So at the moment I am going with You Tube.  I’ve also got my fingers crossed that I didn’t add on too many holiday pounds.  The food was richer than I planned and I haven’t set foot on a scale for two weeks. 

While I needed the time away and I know I will be able to lose whatever holiday weight I added, I would like it not to be a lot so that I can continue.  Clearly I’ll deal with whatever weight it ends up being, but I might work out just a little bit harder this week so that when Friday morning rolls around, the gain is as low as possible.

In general though, it has been a good first day back into the post-holiday real world of daily life. With luck it will continue to be a smooth week. I hope your entry into the new year is the same.

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