It’s a mystery to me…Opening two mystery boxes from Glossy Box’s Winter Sale

For those of you who read my The Daily posts, you know that a short while ago I couldn’t resist the temptation to indulge in a mystery box from Glossy Box.  Well technically speaking, two. They had a deal. They had two possible regular mystery boxes, each for $12 and they had two premium mystery boxes, each for $25 or you could get one premium and one regular mystery box bundle for $30.

I went for the two for $30. And actually I used my Glossie credit so I only paid about ten dollars.  For those that don’t know, subscribers to Glossy Box can get Glossie Credit for reviewing the products in the box each month.  The surveys add about $0.40 per survey which doesn’t sound like a lot but it really adds up quickly.  Then you can spend it either on Glossy Box or on their sister site Look Fantastic.

And you can use it on anything in their massive online store, not just a few things.  My cousin who has had this subscription for years saves up all of her points throughout the year and gets the Advent Calendar with them each year. If I were more disciplined I would do the same, but I saw the mystery boxes and couldn’t resist.

I also picked up a Caudalie Beauty Elixir Spray, because I saw it and it is one of those products I have loved for a long time, but tend to forget to restock, so I bought it.  The credit even covered shipping so it was essentially free and then I paid ten extra dollars to finish paying for the boxes.

But that is another story. Don’t worry, I will be sure to tell you all about the fabulous Caudalie Beauty Elixir another time. Promise.

I’m just trying not to get distracted.

I was hoping that I would be able to review the boxes before they sold out, and I half managed it. they had two regular and two premium boxes for sale and you could choose your bundle. Now one set has sold out, but the there is still a set available. I have no clue what the difference is between the sets of boxes, it is after all a mystery. My best guess is that the difference is in the month for the regular box and the limited edition for the premium.

On the site, they let the boxes be an almost complete mystery.  Each box contains at least five items, two are labeled regular and two are labeled premium.  Other than the price, that is all the information you get.

When they arrived they were packaged together and then inside they were each in the very familiar mailer that each monthly box comes in.  Taking them out of the mailer it was easy to see which was the regular and which was the premium. 

We’ll go over the regular first. 

It is quite simply a Glossy Box.  March’s Glossy Box to be exact.  There is a brochure with the box that offers a sneak peek for April’s box.  It was sort of a clue. I didn’t get the March box as I signed up for Glossy box post March so I was thrilled.  Also the items inside were quite nice. 

There was a mini Eyeko Black Magic Mascara. While Eyeko is my go to eyeliner brand, of their mascaras this is the one that I do like the best, so I was happy to see it. This was followed by a full sized Ciate London Stamp and drag eyeliner duo. 

One side of the liner is a pen style liner and the other side is a stamp that lets you stamp on a wing.  I have never used a stamped wing before, and I don’t really wear much of a wing usually, but I am willing to give this a try.  It could be fun.  Or it could be a complete mess.  Either way I will take pictures so that you can be amused and or horrified once I open it.

I seriously need to take stock of my Ciate products because at the moment I really do think I have almost enough to do a full face of just the brand. That could be a fun makeup bag.

Moving on there is a full sized set of tweezers from the brand Basic Beauty.  Basic they may be (although a lovely pink in color) but as my favorite pair of tweezers went walking away to attend splinter duty and my back up pair is rather old and in need of replacement, it is a welcome basic. It is the trouble with limiting my in person shopping these days.  There are things that I know I can pick up quickly when I do go out, but I sometimes forget.  I’ve been meaning to pick up an extra set of tweezers since I found my favorite ones chilling out in a cup of rubbing alcohol, pre splinter removal.

I really need to just make a list and go to an actual drugstore.

But again, that is another matter.

At least now I have a new set of tweezers. Next, there was a full sized Copperplate Highlighter palette from the brand Sleek. I’ve tried a few things from the brand before (remind me to show you the world’s smallest eyeshadow palette.  (I’ll try to remember it for my The Daily post later today) and they have been pretty good. I really like the look of this palette and look forward to trying it out.

The final item, or set of items actually, in this box was from Mane Club.  Yes that’s right, Mane Club.  And if they sound familiar, it’s because yesterday I received a package from them with product for review. 

I actually did my first trial test with the One Hit Wonder 10-in-1 spray last night. So far it has been fantastic. I have a couple of other tests for the week and I’ll post the review on Monday. In this box however the two hair masks were the Cry Baby 5-in-1 deep conditioner and the Bad Attitude Volumizing mask. I will definitely be trying them both out.

This was the first box and I believe it was the regular mystery box offered for $12.  I would have been happy to have gotten this for my regular monthly box, which of course it was originally designed to be.

But if you remember, despite my mental meanderings throughout the post, I got two mystery boxes.

And the second premium box was the Rodial Limited Edition box that they put together a few months ago. I have to say I was super excited by this as I thought about picking it up as a limited edition box but then realized I still hadn’t picked up all of my Christmas presents and that I needed to work on my shopping list before indulging and then I never got back around to the box.

So I did a little happy dance when I opened it and saw what it was.

There is one makeup item in the box, which kind of surprised me.  Not that Glossy Box said it was all skin care.  They didn’t.  It surprised me because I didn’t realize Rodial made any makeup.  I thought they only made skincare.  So I learned something and got a new mascara to try.  The GlamOLash mascara to be precise. I don’t know what the wand looks like as I am not opening it until I am ready to use is so there are more surprises to come. I have a couple of mascaras that are soon to depart so this will hang out with the unopened ones until I have cleared out the old. That way nothing gets wasted.

In the box there were also two sets of Jelly eye patches.  After my extended bout of puffy eyed allergies this autumn I am always happy to see eyepatches and can’t wait to try these out. Especially since Spring will no doubt bring another round of the allergy puffiness.

There were also to Dragon’s Blood Lip masks in the box.  I remember trying one lip mask of this sort before and not being terribly enthused as it was so thick that it had a hard time staying on my lips. These feel a good deal thinner so perhaps they will have better luck.  I will certainly be giving them a try.

There were two items remaining, both bottles.  Both are deluxe minis, but they are quite large.  The first it the Dragon’s Blood Cleansing water.  It is a micellar water infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin b3.  While I am rapidly falling in love with hyaluronic acid I don’t know much about vitamin b3 in skin care. So that will be something I will look into.

The final item is the Dragon’s Blood Sculpting gel.  And no it isn’t for the hair.  After the mascara I was momentarily confused, but it is a skin plumping gel that you put on before moisturizing. While I look forward to trying it out, I have to admit that I am looking forward to using the dispenser.  It is one of those that you press down and product squirts out of the hole in the top. It is supposed to dispense the right amount and keep the rest of the product safe from the air.  I readily admit that I look forward to playing with it. I’ve seen it on a couple products online, but never played with a dispenser like this in person.

I know sometimes I find the packaging almost as much fun as the product.  I know it sounds like a toddler having more fun with the box the present came in than the present itself, but in many products packaging does affect product use.  I had one serum that I actually loved, but the dropper for the bottle was too narrow and the creamy serum was hard to get out of the bottle.  Because of it I reached for it less and despite liking the formula, haven’t repurchased it.  So even though it sounds frivolous, there is actually a point to the focus. 

Plus this dispenser looks kind of fun.

So those were my two mystery boxes (and inadvertently one of the limited edition boxes).  I haven’t really done any mystery boxes before.  Don’t get me wrong I love surprises and so technically this is right up my alley.  However every time I see reviews of mystery boxes on You Tube, the people opening them always look vaguely disappointed.   I was not disappointed with Glossy Box’s Winter Sale Mystery Boxes.  I was in fact quite pleased by what I received and will be on the lookout for future mystery boxes. I think they only do the mystery boxes once a year, but the limited edition boxes seem to be almost quarterly.

If you are a subscriber, they send out e-mail notifications as soon as the box is available, and often let you preorder before it is available.  Their limited edition boxes tend to go quickly.  I missed the Caudalie Limited edition because I dawdled and even when I remembered I ended up missing the ESPA Limited edition box.  I am glad that despite my postponement I still managed to get the Rodial box.  The regular Glossy Box Subscription is $21 per month, but if you sign up for a year, the price drops to $18 (which is what I do) and they still charge you monthly instead of requiring you to pay the full year in advance.

Right now you can sign up for the Glossy box and get your first box for $16 using the code HAPPY.  It lets you try out the box and decide if it is worth it before committing.  From everything I’ve heard, January is going to be a really nice box.  But then, I’ve pretty much enjoyed all of my Glossy Boxes thus far.  Some are better than others, but they have all been uniformly good.

But there is where I leave you on the mystery box opening.  I enjoyed the mystery, the unboxing and will enjoy the products.  I hope you enjoyed this as well.  Who knows, this might make me want to look into more mystery boxes.  What do you think? Are you pro or con on the whole mystery box thing?

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