Trying out Go-To’s Exfoliating Swipeys

When teenage breakouts hit, my dressing table always had a stash of the pre-moistened toner pads infused with blemish fighting elixir.  As my blemishes faded back, my reliance on such pads faded and in fact before this year, it had been years since I opened a container. 

This year I tried the Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing pads which I adored and the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads which I was less thrilled by.

Then in a recent Boxy Charm box I received a container of Exfoliating Swipeys from the brand Go-to.  I’ve tried facial oil from the brand before and found it was a pretty nice oil, and I really like their Properly Clean Facial Cleanser, so I was happy to try out another product from their line.  Plus, I I figured, why not try another one since they were here? After all I do love a good exfoliation.

According to the product page…

Single-use exfoliating pads soaked in an all-natural solution that gets rid of dead skin cells and hydrates the skin.

We all know exfoliation is an enormously vital part of any skin care routine, but not all exfoliation is equal. A chemical exfoliator, for example, (which uses naturally-occurring acids to remove dead skin cells, usually AHAs or BHAs) tends to give a far more thorough, even result than scrubbing your face with harsh, jagged particles. Which is why we much prefer it.

So, we combined the well-documented effectiveness of lactic acid, the most gentle of all AHAs, with ultra-hydrating essential oils to create a face exfoliator that thoroughly removes dead skin cells (the cause of dull skin and congestion), refines skin texture, minimises the appearance of fine lines and deeply moisturises. And all in 60 seconds, and using just one sweet, disposable little cotton pad. Exfoliating Swipeys were created to make exfoliation simple and fast, and leave you with skin that’s healthy and happy. Important: When using AHA products, wearing daily SPF becomes even more crucial.

I know that is a larger than normal blurb that I copied out, but I wanted to have the official description there as I went through the product. 

Thicker exfoliating pads

First of all, the scent. It is slightly fruity with an undertone that is slightly chemical in nature.  Neither the fruit or chemical is one I can identify specifically. I tried.  I kept sniffing and trying to identify, but to no avail. It is a pleasant scent and one I don’t mind in my skincare.  It is also light and doesn’t linger. The scent just wafts up as you open the container.

The pads are thicker than any other pre-moistened pads I’ve tried.  I like the fact that their thickness means they are less likely to roll up on you as they move across the face.  with some of the thinner ones it was always a trick not to get them to roll up as you moved them across your face, at least for me anyway.

In the above description, you will notice that the pads are listed as a chemical exfoliate, not a physical one.  When you pull the pad out of the container, it is smooth and covered with liquid.  As you use it however, the pad roughens. It is like the liquid coating wipes off and then the pad starts to feel like very fine grained sandpaper.  It isn’t terribly harsh, but it is certainly not smooth.  It felt as though the pad changed from a chemical exfoliate to a physical one mid swipe.  I don’t know it that is typical for this type of product, but I found it a little strange.

Clean pad looks smooth because of all of the thick liquid

It was however very clear that the pad was getting dead skin cells off of my face.  The pad did a good job exfoliating.  It did so well a job exfoliating that using the pads more than once a week was a bad idea.  Normally with exfoliates I can use them two to three times a week. This was a once a week maximum type of product.

In addition, I tended to use it at night on the one time a week I used it.  The one time I used it during the day, I did go outside and even with sunscreen on I ended up getting quite red in the face. I usually don’t have that big an issue with sun sensitivity, even with AHA’s but with this product I did. 

If I used it at night on the once a week use, I didn’t have this problem. I also do not have overly sensitive skin.  If you are relatively sensitive, I would recommend trying a test patch before using this or skipping it all together.  I think it might have been a combination of the physical pad and the chemical exfoliation that worked overtime one me. 

While clearly removing traces of makeup and dead skin cells, you can see the texture of the pad has also changed and become somewhat rough.

One think that is also an issue to watch out is the fact that once opened pre-moistened pads tend to start drying out, so once you open them you end up being committed to using them until they are gone.  Because I could only use these once a week, it takes longer to make it through the container.  While I still have pads left (there are 50 to a container) I don’t know if I will make it to the bottom of the container without them drying out completely. When I opened the container, there was extra liquid in the bottom, now there is not.

While I like the actual liquid exfoliating formula, I would like to try it on a soft cotton pad rather than on the pre-moistened pads that come in the jar.  I think the combination of the pad’s texture mixed with the AHA’s are a little too much for my skin to handle.  I will not be purchasing this product to add to my skin care line up, however I will be keeping an eye on the brand. 

I enjoyed both their facial oil and their cleanser. In fact I remember their cleanser being quite nice. This was just too much exfoliation for me.  Perhaps, they will come out with an exfoliating serum at some point that would be more in keeping with my skin care needs.  One can only hope.  Well, hope and do some website lurking.

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