The Daily: January 11th, 2021

Somehow rain and cold always seem so much worse on a Monday. Today has been a damp drizzly day. The temperatures ar hovering around freezing. Sometimes they dip low enough that we’ll have a few moments of falling white snow. And it will be somewhat pretty, then the temps will warm just enough that the snow turns to rain and all of the pretty is washed away in a soggy chill.

I did manage to get up early today. I slept well and actually woke up a few minutes before my alarm went off. For me, a minor miracle.I went through my morning work out, but to be honest I really only put a half hearted effort into it. I just wasn’t feeling it. I was infected with the morning blahs.

But that is okay, somedays are just like that. I watched my calories and did my best to focus on not going over them. I have also gotten a surprising amount done on my days to-do list. The outdoor weather is not tempting me to leave my desk today at least.

A friend of mine reminded me earlier that because I am working out at home, I am not having to fight for space on any of the machines with those who recently made resolutions for the new year. January was always the worst at the gym. This year since I’m working out at home, this isn’t an issue. Even though my workout was only half hearted this morning, I still didn’t get jostled by those wanting space. so that is something. It’s a thin silver lining, but on a gray and blah day, I’ll take it. I hope wherever you are your Monday is a little brighter than mine. Or if it is not, then at least you are being productive. The blahs will pass, they always do, but somedays, you just have to let them have their moment.

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